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    Hi there!

    After a long, sunny summer, we are back with a lot of news!

    Progress on the Indiegogo stuff is alive and well, and we plan to accomplish all deadlines for delivery times. Below you have the link to the entry on our webpage where we explain everything with lots of pictures of greens, painted miniatures and 3D designs.

    Don't miss it!!!

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    Crazy Mel, the famous character who roams the Wasteland with his loyal dog Meatball, has now his miniature for sale at our online store.

    This is the first miniature for our new Punkapocalyptic Light range made of <strong>high-quality resin</strong>, manufactured by RN Estudio. And superbly painted, as usual, by the Bigchild team. It includes his dog Meatball, an additional head with helmet and the posibility to have him with or without a machete.

    You will be able to use this character with any existing faction. Remember that you can download his special rules in the Mercs document at the Downloads section.

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    Hi there, Wastelanders!

    With all the new releases of Junkers already on the street (thank you all who supported us on our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign!!!) except for the Starter Pack, it is time to move on to new things.

    Last weekend we were at Desafío Wargames 2015 in Zaragoza (Spain) and we presented two new releases we pretend to have ready for the next big event, the Hispania Wargames 2016 in Málaga, on the last weekend of February.

    They are the Teenage Mutard Wasteland Turtle: half man, half tortoise, all loser, who comes to reinforce the Mutard faction with his awesome... er.... something, being currently sculpted by Leonardo Escovar.

    And the perfect companion for Crazy Mel, the ***-kicking Imperatrix Furiosa, 3D designed by RN Estudio. She will be a Junker Gear to put the ice on the cake of this faction.

    Hope you like them, we are really excited about these two new miniatures and hopefully we will have them by the end of February. Meanwhile, Happy Holidays to you all!

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    The Middle Aged Mutard Wasteland Turtle is here! We presented this new miniature last weekend on Hispania Wargames show in Málaga, and now it is available for general purchase.

    Coming from the revolting sewers under the ruins of some city of the World of Before, here it arrives to our online store the latest release. With its mighty shell to fend off attacks and his cool attitude, it’s more than ready to join your Mutard band to fight all other factions in Punkapocalyptic.

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    Our latest release, Imperatrix Rabiosa, is already available for pre-order. It will be released on Friday 3rd of June, but if you pre-order it before the end of the month you will get a special price of 9,95 euros.

    3D-modelled by RN Estudio, painted by Big Child Productions.

    Don't hesitate and add this badass merc to your Punkapocalyptic band.


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