Hello, forgive me but you seem a little bitter. Now - you raise some points I agree with, chiefly that young people should be properly educated in the best way to evaluate value, compare products, filter out marketing rubbish and get the best deal. Essentially to be educated, choosey consumers.

" I view Games Workshop's pricing of their tools as immoral"

This is hyperbole. It's in the nature of a for profit company to charge as much as the market will bear, that's not immoral (in the case of optional luxuries), that's the capitalist system. I don't think it's an ideal system, or even the best, but it is the one we have.

There is no point in being cross about the price of anything in this world other than essentials like food and housing. GW is a luxury, you don't need it. If you can't afford it, don't play.

"Just because bad things are happening elsewhere (your Syrian example) does not mitigate this opinion."

Indeed it does not. I am more than capable of knowing there are multiple bad things in the world and even that those things have different levels of bad attached to them. When you have jumped to level 8 out of 10 just to describe slightly pricey craft knives, it leaves very little room to go any higher and describe other bad things in the world which is why I would class GW's tool prices as nothing other than "a bit pricey".

I don't have a Twitter account any more thanks to the abysmal signal to noise ratio. Same goes for Facebook. My interest in GW gossip keeps me coming back to places like this however.

"You are a privileged individual, and you might perhaps remember that the next time you decide to declare your personal experience a universal one we all enjoy."

I am indeed. Genuinely, a day does not go by that I don't remember that, mainly because I came from less than nothing and remember being at school, interested in GW but not having any money to buy any. I got all my bits and pieces by bartering at school and eventually from a god awful paper round. Now, middle aged and more affluent, my constraints are entirely time based, but I really do know what it's like to have bugger all to spend on hobbies.