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Thread: One Page 40k

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    I have updated the blog with the latest version of the rules, the main difference is in layout and now you can also download the rules and armies separately. The cover was removed because there were concerns of copyright infringment, and we are looking for artists that could help us. Please tell me if you know anyone who might be interested at

    Here are the latest rules:

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    After attempting to read the page of rules and twice being interrupted with the page to join media fire I gave up on this as it seems scammy.

    Not a fan of sites that use this type of membership recruitment and choosing to have your rule set hosted on such a site gives me a poor opinion of the original poster.

    Can't make a comment about the rule set itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batoche1864 View Post
    After attempting to read the page of rules and twice being interrupted with the page to join media fire I gave up on this as it seems scammy.
    That's strange, never had those problems. Did you know that you can click on "download" at the top right corner to get the file straight to your pc? This way you won't be interrupted.

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    Hey everyone, a little update from One Page Rules:

    We recently decided to make our current WIP build of Kill Team available to the public, so you can download Kill Team v0.05 right now:

    Kill Team is a great way to play with just a handful of miniatures, and generally makes for very fast games with many heroic moments!

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    Hey guys, i posted a new article on the blog explaining some of the design decisions for the game, and giving some tactical help, enjoy!

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    As a special thank you for 2.000 downloads me and Samurai are going to be answering your questions whilst streaming a live painting session.

    The show will be broadcast on saturday, with two sessions: the first session will be at 8pm GMT, and the second session will be at 8pm PST.

    To access the live Q&A you have to turn on annotations and click on the Q&A banner that appears on the lower left corner of the video display.

    Youtube Channel:

    See you on saturday!

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    First Stream is over, come back at 8pm PST!
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    Second Stream is over, thank you everybody for watching!
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    Hello everyone, today we bring you a fairly juicy update from One Page Rules.

    Fist off we have updated our 40k and Kill Team rules. We have added a bunch of units and upgrades, and we fixed a couple exploits. We have also added 3 fan armies submitted by you guys, so that you can play with you Warpath and Inquisition miniatures. You can download them here:

    Then we have finished up the first drafts of our Campaigns supplements, however they are still undergoing a lot of testing, so they can be found in the WIP section here:

    We have also decided to open a forum after getting a ton of e-mails, which you can find here:

    Finally we have been working on some exciting new projects such as our modular papercraft terrain and a space battles game. We are always looking for talented artists and designers who want to help out, so don't hesistate to contact us if you want to help at

    Next up we are going to focus on releasing the core rules for Fantasy, but more on that when it's ready... enjoy!

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    Today we bring you a small but exciting new game: Grimdark Racing!

    Grimdark Racing is a racing game inspired by mario kart and crash team racing which allows you to play with up to 8 friends, challenging them to a deadly race.

    So get your awesome vehicle conversions together, create some crazy tracks, and have fun:


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