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    Default Review: Plasma Hatchers - The Popular Tyranid Spore Pod Stand In!

    Long time reader first time poster:

    On a recent article of Bell of lost Souls, Mkerr posted a "test" Battle Report of the new Tyranids and indicated that his perfect stand in for the Spore Pod was the Mega Bloks - Plasma Hatcher series of Toys.

    I was fortunate enough to have placed my order on Sunday, and I finally got the first one in!

    First off let's talk about size:

    As you can see, the egg is a perfect fit for a Carnifex, and is big enough to provide cover, but not so big as to dwarf other things on the table.

    The plastic is a clearish blue (though others come in different colors), and like most clear plastics, doesn't take to super glue well. I had to let it dry a good half hour before it "set" enough to where I was comfortable with it.

    It also comes with some glaring gaps:

    There are two holes at the top and bottom (for the wire that keeps it secure in the package), and both halves do not fit exactly snug (which is understandable considering it's a toy meant to open continually).

    I was able to correct it "easily" enough with small amounts of Greenstuff to fill in the gaps.

    Another issue is the horrendous mold lines you will get on the things. Again, you have to remind yourself this is a cheaply produced toy, but it gets a little frustrating as the type of plastic doesn't lend itself to the traditional ways of clearing mold lines, and the darkness of the plastic makes it difficult to spot.

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    After some fighting and about a half hour worth of work I was able to prime it:

    It's ready for the table and willing to go.

    I have to say, of all the options available for this unit, this still seems to be the best option.

    At least until 2020 when they release the actual model.

    Happy Gaming!

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    They even have a zoanthrope on the box!

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    Just in case anybody was wondering, the toy inside is next to useless as anything to convert into more Tyranids. Mkerr was right that it needs to be passed to a young child who would appreciate it.

    These will make a sufficient stand in until the actual model comes out.

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    got to say it was looking pretty crappy until it got primed, The primed picture makes me think it might be worth getting a few.

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    Looks good to me. Although the brainy areas make no sense.
    "STUPIDITY, If your going to do it, go for GOLD!"

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    hahah, nice find m8. Add soem green stuff to the bottom of it to make it look more goo encrosted and it'll be perfect

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    How did you manage to prime yours?
    I painted mine and the paint peeled right off.
    Please share. Thanks.

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    Where do you get those wonderful toys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ivanng View Post
    How did you manage to prime yours?
    I painted mine and the paint peeled right off.
    Please share. Thanks.
    I would suggest a proper Car bodywork primer

    In the Uk you could get this from any Halfords, but i'm sure any car parts shop will sell some form of it.

    I used this all the time at university to prime my prototypes (made from ABS plastic)
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