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    Default A Most Unfortunate Incident

    So I was playing a training game against a buddy of mine who is starting Infinity. He thought he'd try and get one over on me by AD: Combat Jumping a Tiger Soldier behind my forces. He failed his PH roll and deviated 12 inches into the perfect spot where both my Sin-eater with HMG and my Reaktion Zond with HMG could see him. Result? Really dead Tiger Soldier. I hit all 8 times and he failed 6 of the armor saves.

    So what was the most unfortunate incident you have ever witnessed (either your own forces or people you have watched/played against?
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    Any time my PanO try to claim an objective its a folly of errors.

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    When a clubmate decided to use his Sphinx for the first time against me and run it up into Heavy flamer range of my Ghulam 4 man link team, all facing him.
    He was counting on the combat camo first strike to kill them.

    I did warn him not to do it as they did have sixth sense lvl2, and would thus be attacking AT the same time - just with the -6 for his TO camo. He hit all 4 with both flamers, all 4 models critted back with at least 1 shot each (4 crits from 8 shots). Failed saves on 2 models (ghulam rifles).
    I called it "taking an ARO to the knee".

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    I've seen Achilles die horribly to my wildcat with a flamethrower who killed him on the ARO. He had full wounds and my buddy just failed all the fire rolls, so the blond fool was toasted. Oh how I laughed.
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    The most unfortunate incident to me specifically, hmmm....

    So, I attended the Infinity tournament at the Nova Open in 2012, after just learned the game a few months prior. With a bit of luck, I ended up winning a tiebreaker in the last round to come in 1st place for the event. Spent the next year eagerly preparing for the next Nova.

    First round at the Nova 2013. My Nomads are paired up against Tohaa for the scenario Supply Run. I get the first turn and my opponent deploys with all of his troops in cover except for one linked Gao-Rael Sniper that had view to all three objectives from a rooftop.

    Attempting to dislodge that sniper so that I could easily grab and pull the objectives, I ended up losing my HMG Intruder, Spitfire Prowler, 2 Zero Minelayers, Spektr FO, and 2 Maasai Moran FOs (attempting combat camo whenever possible) before managing to inflict a wound on the Gao-Rael and causing him to Guts out of sight. On his turn, he killed my HMG Sin-Eater in a face-to-face roll with a Critical Hit on a 3. He passed all his Dodge rolls required to avoid the Crazykoalas and grabbed all 3 objectives. Game ended after that since I was in Retreat. Got steamrolled in score.

    I was 2nd to last place going into the 2nd round, but I in turn steamrolled the guy in last place which put me get back in the competition.

    The third round was against Combined Army in Emergency Transmission and ended up being a similar set-up and play-out to the first round except against my opponent's HMG Charontid (MSV3) and HMG Vector Operator (MSV2) camping the same rooftop that covered the center and most of the objectives. I ended up having no luck in trying to clear them out again but I played it more cautiously and hoped an opening would appear later. Instead Ko Dali came in and killed most of my guys from behind while they were facing forward anticipating the attack from the two heavyhitters in front of them. Got steamrolled in score again.

    Took it easy for the last two games.

    This year... I'm running the Infinity events at NOVA so I'm spared the whimsy of my dice.
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    I've had Achilles fall to the first shot of the game from a kurgat autocannon.
    He was in cover, with ODD. My opponent was across the table, with -9s to hit. I elected to dodge with Achilles since his spitfire was also going to be at -9, and his high PH made it a more logical choice. Failed dodge roll. Opponent crits. TWICE. I then fail ALL remaining 4 armour saves (crit on exp ammo delivers 1 direct wound with 2 saves remaining).

    Also had it happen with Achilles falling down from an Ariadna tankhunter autocannon double crit. The first time I used patroclus as achilles, pat fell down dead to crits. Achilles the pretty boy stays in the case, these days.



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