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    when, when, when?????!!!! feels like i've been waiting for ever and a day for it. i'm insanely jealous of everyone that got to assist and playtest this campaign book.
    marine vs marine but not the horus heresy. awesome.

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    Blame Aventine for being slow.
    "It's rusty 'cause it's dirty." - Goatboy

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    Having printed off the previous 2, as well at the Lords of Battle an Arbites mini-ex, i can't wait for the Badab War to start

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    I'm really looking forward to this book. A lot of great playtesting went into it, with a lot of great modeling and painting to boot. I haven't seen any of the finished product yet past what's been shown to the world yet, and am dying to get a copy printed off.

    Austin will be monopolizing my thursdays for a bit once this thing is released ^_^.



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