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    Default Alex's Iron Hands

    Recently started an Iron Hands army (Because what I really needed was a 7th SM army lol)

    Here's some pics of the characters I've got finished so far.



    Commander on foot

    And on bike

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    Very cool conversions. I like what you've posted so far... any more shots coming?

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    great conversions, really digging that Libby....

    Can't wait to see what you do with the tanks and such....
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    I agree with the others that they are interesting conversion and a nice choice of paint scheme.

    Your pictures could use a little help in the focus department.

    If you can manually control either your 'iso' settings or your 'f-stop' you could choose settings that would force your lens to use settings that would give you a greater depth of field, allowing more of the model to be in focus.

    If you can manually adjust your f-stop as high as you can without having your on camera flash become necessary (on camera flash is always to powerful for this kind of close work) typically I'd be trying to get a setting of around f-16 with available light to have sufficient depth of field.

    Otherwise if you can't select an f-stop but can select your 'iso' adjust your 'iso' as low as you can without flash, that would force the f-stop adjustment to go higher and give you more depth of field. Typically I'd be trying to get enough available light to use a setting of 100 or 200 iso.

    These changes can also lengthen your shutter speed, so having your camera either resting on something or on a tripod will keep you from having camera shake issues.

    Great work on your models and I hope you find the camera tips useful in getting the best possible results for your display pics.

    ps. one other tip that I posted elsewhere today is using a fill-light reflector when you are using a bright side light or a window for your lighting.

    It's made by covering a chunk of cardboard in tinfoil and then propping it up just outside the frame of your shot, opposite the window or side light.

    This will help reduce the farside shadows and overall brighten the tone of your final picture.

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    Thanks for the comments guys Glad you like em I have 5 Sternguard painted as well, 2 tac squads composed of a mix of new and vintage models, 5 terminators and that new Stalker/Hunter tank still to do.

    Batoche - Thanks for the tips - I guess I'd accidentally messed up the ISO setting on my camera - I'm a way better sculptor/modeller than I am a photographer lol

    Definitely more pics to come, starting with the Sternguard.


    Sculpted all the gear-tooth trim, cyborg bits and chapter logos myself
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