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    Ah, I missed that artefact that makes the Crimson Sorcerer a Daemon. That is indeed freakin' awesome.

    But the flying Circus doesn't have to come down to fight. It can summon other Daemons to fight and score objectives and get linebreaker. It takes an assload of shooting to down just one these days. They will have more trouble accomplishing Maelstrom missions perhaps, but in regular games they are tougher than ever. Even in 6th, the most effective FMC lists weren't the ones that tried to get up in there and assault right away; it was the ones roaming around using powers.

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    The Imperial Knight has to choose it' facing at the beginning of your enemie shooting phase. He won't get it on your first turn , subsequent he might but I think it lasts until the end of the phase not the beginning of.

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    You first choose when it is deployed, and then at the start of enemy's shooting phase.

    Unless of course he arrives/shoots from a side that doesn't have the shield.

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    I wouldn't count out Slaansh grinders. You are spending a lot to sit a battle cannon in the back if you go Nurgle. Soulgrinders are pretty durable and pretty handy in assault.


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