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    Default Oh how GW has failed me.....Let me count the ways (7 of them in honor of 7th ed)

    Let me begin by saying if you want a beer and pretzels game 40K is just fine. But as a tournament rule set they have proven what they have always said that they do not design 40K to be a competitive game. The most interesting thing about 7th edition to me now is will the tournament organizers be able to save 40K in spite of GW by building mass restrictions into the game in a consistent and even handed way. My bet is not. I believe that Hawk Wargames is celebrating this weekend as this is the beginning of the end for 40K. Just like Fantasy we had one rule set with some serious flaws come out followed by another rule set that completely set the game on a non competitive level.

    Anyway, enough ranting here are the flaws I see in a competitive game of 40K:
    1. No limit to detachments..... almost as stupid as unbound.
    2. Invisibility...... This is stupid as psychic heavy armies will be able to stack the 2++ rerollable behind invisibility...
    3. Did not fix the 2++ rerollable. I mean how hard is this. Read the forums, watch a couple of tournament results. Take a little bit of time and care in your game and you can fix this. It is the fact that 7th ed came out and this is still not fixed that pushes me away from the game. If they couldn't be bothered to fix this then they obviously just do not care.
    4. Psychic powerhouses - The psychic phase in 40K just became as game breaking as the magic phase in fantasy. It just takes longer. 40K just became a game of the haves and have nots. You can either bring 10+ psycher levels to the field to begin with or you will loose.
    5. Deamonic powers are stupid good - Especially for deamon players who have multi wound casters and units that can throw dice at powers. Just like in fantasy you mitigate the perils and then just keep casting.
    6. Destroyed the tie between the fluff and the game. I was pissed off enough when the 6th ed allies chart made no sense. But to throw it out completely. And don't get me started on certian forces being able to summon deamons. I go back to its like they don't even care.
    7. New edition, $80, 6th edition with more stuff broke. So I get the pleasure of paying for a rule set that the only major change is the one thing they break even more.

    So I am done. I am not even going to try. It's not worth it. It is obvious they do not care about a competitively balanced game so I am going to move on. Warma-Hordes is solid, Dropzone looks very promising, those infinity guys keep showing up. GW is no longer the only game in town. My prediction is that 40K will go the way of Fantasy. 100 man tournaments will become 50 man, 50 will become 20 and the tournements will disappear in 2-3 years. GW seems to think that this is fine. I have a suspicion it will not be. I have always believed that one of the reasons 40K was so successful is that there was a core group of players that were always playing the game in the store as people wandered in. Many of these players are competitively minded like me and so we formed a nucleus that when people walked into a store they could see this game being played and the cool armies. My gut is that this edition changes that. We will find another game to play and when those new players come into a game store they will see us playing a different game with cool armies instead. I have a massive investment into 40k so I hope I am wrong. I hope some group of TO's come together and fix 40K in spite of GW. But as 7th ed shows, GW does not only not want to service this market they are actively working to make the game more noncompetitive.

    Oh and if any of you GW people actually read this (which I doubt as 7th ed shows you don't care) I am a share holder and I will be selling my stock. I held on to yhe shares after your latest set of financial results thinking you might bounce back in a big way. It is clear you will not. Maybe enough of us will sell that the stock price will get low enough someone new can buy you out and fire you all.

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    I haveny played since 5th, and was considering maybe getting back in with 7th. There was several issues that I was hoping would change with 7th, but most of that didn't happen. The new deamon summing thing is just plain silly. Well GW you lost your chance to get me back into you game. I'm going to stick with Warmahordes and give Deadzone and Bolt Action a try now.

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    Ok counter to your rant

    1 Means more options... You have a Leader who comes with a warlord trait why would you need a bound army other then for the claim objective this means you can be creative with your army and its background just the way GW is thinking the game should be more about the narrative then rolling some dice and removing said model sorry but if you don't want substance to the game go play chess...

    2 Instead of whining and claiming something is broken how about using tactical know how and figure a way to beat it is that not the hole point of a game with a army not just like the problem we had in 6th deathstars

    3 Maybe they had a good reason maybe someone found a way to completely nullify it but you clearly haven't given any reasons to why it is broken.

    4 Hmm so basically your telling me because they streamlined the 40k magic phase it is a bad thing so rolling 2 d6 for leadership then the other person rolls a d6 for deny the witch is slower then pooling all your dice and using what you got also onto your rant about Invisibility it can be denied now where it could not before. Here's a tip if they need 3 warp charges and they roll lets say 5 dice get and they rolled let say 6 6 3 1 4 and you roll say 2 deny the witch and get a 6 and a 2 they get perils and fail to cast the ability due to you removed one of there warp charges instead of rolling say 3 deny the witch because he has to get 3 warp charges and wasting your pool of deny the witch dice.

    5 You do know they still need mastery lv 3 to use half of those spells so unless they play daemons who have access to mastery lv 3 they are the only ones who can use most of those ability and yes even if pink horrors are a unit of 16 they are still counted as mastery lv 1 they just give the army 3 warp charge to the pool. And if they sacrifice themselves they loose all upgrades and are mastery 2 at most so they loose there ability to use the 3 warp charge ability such as summoning.

    6 the chart has been made so if you play with friend's who say have nids and the other plays space marines there's no objection when it comes to the allied but they must deploy 12" away from each other. Ok really now your being silly summoning daemons is how most daemons get into real space you really should read the fluff if you feel this is incorrect even the most loyalist member can be tempted by power for personal gain.

    7 New edition with cost about the same but with 3 books in there own respected areas instead of taking a giant *** tome that you will only game with 200 pages and a new phase.

    Ok balance you want your playing the wrong game then chess is your game because this game was never designed to have balance in mind or they would have never made other factions other then space marines war is not meant to be fair that is the challenge if you can't accept a challenge and want a I WIN to suit your needs then ask yourself why do you play the game?
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    To the OP, give X-Wing a whirl, it's a truly great game, easy to learn and cheaper to get into. I'm not ditching 40k all together but mainly just collecting the cool models now. The odd standalone to paint. The constant push of 40k product is too much for me now to justify.

    My sentiment is pretty much this now as far as GW and 40k go. I love the models and the background. The game not so much anymore.
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    I'm in kind of the same boat as Joe Fixit. For a number of reasons I haven't been able to be active on the gaming side since 40Kv5. Several people whose opinions I trust have confirmed some of the typical Internet chicken-little-ing about v6. I was leery of 7 being released so soon after 6 and given GW's track record this seems to something I was right to be leery of. I love the fluff and am generally in contempt of power-gamers but, I've played any number of games over the years that have nice tight rulesets that allow fluffiness and competition. GW fails because they spew this nonsensical pap about 40K having always been only a beer & pretzels game. They don't have the balls to admit that the single biggest roadblock to getting a truly balanced ruleset is that rule changes are all-too-frequently driven by sales issues. Sad. I, too, have a massive investment in time, $$$, and love in their world but, until there is evidence that they've decided to try and successfully execute an auto-cranial-anal-extraction, I'll be just working on assembling and painting forces that I'll hopefully be able to use when(if) they decide to actually fix the rules. Maybe I can get some of my cronies to play v5 or perhaps the pseudo-6 rules that were leaked before v6 came out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaric View Post
    5 You do know they still need mastery lv 3 to use half of those spells
    No, you just have to generate a total of 3 warp charges in your army. Mastery Level only effects the number of spells you know and how many you can cast a turn. The Malefic Daemonology chart is one of the few major gripes I think are founded.

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    5) Mastery level just declares how many powers a psyker has and how many they can cast per phase. A level 1 psyker now generate a warp charge 2 or 3 power (One of the changes from 6th to 7th)

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    But as a tournament rule set they have proven what they have always said that they do not design 40K to be a competitive game.

    So... so you know and freely admit that you're wrong to complain about it being poorly balanced for tournament play... but you still do?


    So I am done. I am not even going to try. It's not worth it. It is obvious they do not care about a competitively balanced game so I am going to move on.
    Go to your wide future. I trust it will bring you more happiness than 40K.


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    can we stop with the sepctic "bye and good riddance" please?

    people leaving 40k is never a good thing, it means that there are less people to find a game with, less people contributing to the modeling and painting and that ultimately the health of 40k as a whole is that little bit worse.

    To the OP, it is a shame to see you go, Can I advise that you hold onto your miniatures so that you can always change your mind later.
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