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    Talking TheHammerCast Episode 1: EMPIRE

    Hey a new Podcast on the block! A friend and I put together a Warhammer podcast that we plan on doing monthly. We just completed our first show and are now online. As this is our first show, we have already identified some opportunities for improvement (content, structure, delivery, audio levels, etc). The goal is to improve with each show.

    The website is kind of bare right now. We will be updating it as we go.

    Feedback is appreciated as well as constructive criticism :icon_cool:

    Right now we are working on allowing the show to be DLed on your comps. But you can listen to it now:


    Long time Lurker of BoLS. Glad to finally post
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    Talking The HammerCast Episode 2: Vampire Counts

    The HammerCast Episode 2: Vampire Counts is hot off the press!

    Made some minor changes from the first show, hopefully this is a bit more polished=)

    Hope you like it. Feedback is welcome!

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    Default TheHammerCast Featured Game

    TheHammerCast Featured Game of the Month

    **Special Edition**

    Russell Crichton's shambling undead hordes of the Vampire Counts pushes deep into the Lizardmen territories to be met by Kevin Drury's scaly Lizardmen minions. The clash occurred at Grand Adventures Comics in Tennessee on 3.13.2010. The battle report is in 3 video segments. Be sure to watch full screen for optimum graphics. We hope you enjoy the report!

    ~TheHammerCast Team



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