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    Default Pilots Blog - A tale of X Gamers...

    How do?

    It's tradition, and I haven't seen a comparable thread for X-Wing yet. So started this one, natch.

    I write this on Thursday 26 June 2014, having firmly decided to dive into X-Wing the preceding Sunday, 22 June 2014.

    My first purchase was a bit random. Mostly stuff and ships I recognised and were my favouites. So Core Game, additiona X-Wing, Hwk-290 (got a deal on it with the Core Game), an A-Wing a TIE Bomber and 2 x TIE Interceptors. Seemed to be enough to be going on with.

    Then, lawks help me, I got bitten. Next day, whilst browsing at work I managed to order 2 x TIE Phantoms, and 2 x E-Wings, just because.

    Yesterday? And I'd like to point out I've spent around £120 so far, and haven't even played....Tantive IV was ordered off Amazon, after a local gaming chum spotted it for a piffling £40.07.....

    And that's where I'm up to at the moment. Now, I know I'm not the only one recently started out down the X-Wing path, so feel free to join in. If my Core Game order shows up tomorrow (it's being delivered second class, which is fine because it's dead cheap!) I should be breaking my duck at the weekend!
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    Picked up the Core set and a HWK-290 on June 21st. I took the hit and now have a standing Rebel Fleet of 1x HWK-290, 2x X-Wings and 2x Z95 Headhunters.

    Might end up taking my first game tonight with some friends who bought the Core, Falcon and Slave some time ago. So we'll see how that works out. Really liking how cost effective the game is though. I'm about $110 (CAD) into it so far and already have enough to game with. Less than my Knight and I've already started a new miniatures game. $200, and I can pull off a force for both sides. Neat!

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    Now home, and cracked open on of each of the fighters (Tantive IV should now be delivered tomorrow, too many receptions in the building I work in, confused the driver!)

    Got to say, I am highly impressed with the packaging. The ships, as with all small miniatures are fairly fragile. The packaging holds each ship nice and snugly, but once opened, there's no having to prise the model out it's little plakky coccoon. They just drop out. Very, very impressed with that. I know it sounds a bit poncey to praise packaging, and perhaps even a little fanboiesque, but seriously, it's a good little bonus! I'd hate to have spent my money, and then have to risk breaking my new acquisitions off the bat!

    Spot the Star Wars quote, and win an Internets!
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    Hi, I've lurked on BOLS and Warseer for a while but I thought this thread would be a good place to start!

    I've just got in to X Wing; gave the core set a try after watching a battle report on BOLS and was hooked. Star Wars was my first introduction to Sci fi and I've always loved the films and the x wing series of PC games.

    Aa far as tabletop goes I mainly a GW hobbyist. I don't really game but that's mainly because I grew up in the old skool hobby centre where everything had to be painted - no naked plastic. I love painting models and terrain but am very slow at it and don't get much hobby time a month so I have the odd small game or two each year.

    This is why X Wing got me interested - no initial hobby time commitment, low entry cost and fluff I enjoy. After playing a couple of games with the core set I quickly went out and bought another copy to start my fleet and add the extra dice.

    Must say at the moment I think the mini tie swarm has a definite advantage over my couple of x wings but I guess new models will even the score a little.

    I was planning on adding wave 1 minis this month but after seeing on BOLS the deal on Tantive IV I couldn't resist and ordered it yesterday for £45. (thanks whoever pointed this out!)

    Really like the game mechanics and simple rules; a breath of fresh air from 40k and wfb (although I consider these to be awesome games with amazing fluff)

    I do wonder if x wing will be able to hold the attention longer term in the same way as gw games with the scenarios and modeling options. Seems primarily geared to competitive play which I've never tried. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



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    Just had my first game and my biggest regret is that I haven't started playing this game sooner.

    I took Biggs, Red Squadron Pilot, Tala Squadron Pilot with Ion Missiles (2X) and a HWK Rebel Operative with the Blaster Turret. My friend took 4 Ties (Mithil, Dark Curse, Night Beast and Black Squadron) and Kath Scarlet.

    I managed to kill off Dark Curse and almost nailed the Black Squadron Pilot (I managed two Crits and a hit, and he evaded all three with just dice. No focus or evade. I shook his hand afterwards. I ain't even mad.) He killed off the Headhunters first as planned, but I failed to follow through and lay down enough firepower and capitalize on the distraction.

    That was a really good lesson in keeping your other ships in coherency to focus fire. In the end, the other ships were picked off until Biggs just failed to avoid a volley from Kath and it was over. The overall damage was impressive for the first game though. A single volley of fire from the X-Wings could've finished off anyone but Night Beast by games end. Scarlet was down to 2 Hull Points, as was Mithil and the Black Squadron Pilot was at 1.

    My friend seems to have mastered manoeuvering with Night Beast as that tricky bugger consistently avoided my crosshairs.

    The game was fantastic and I am thoroughly pleased. I'm sad I have to work during the League game day on Saturday, but I can see another ship in my near future. Thanks for the advice everyone, I'm here to stay!

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    I've been playing since January so I have a fair few ships now.

    Rebel Ships. 3 X-wings, 2 A-Wings, 2 Y-Wings, 2 B-Wings, 1 YT 1300, 1 Rebel Transport, 1 E-Wing
    Imperials. 5 Tie-Fighters, 4 Imperial Aces Interceptors, 1 Tie Advanced, 1 Shuttle, 2 Firespray, 2 Tie Phantoms, 1 Tie Defender.

    We usually play the standard 100 pt games but as we've all got the bug and a fair few ships now we've also tried much larger 300 pt games as well. I will be honest as fun as they are 100pts for me is the way I like to play the most. The games are quick to play and we can usually get 3 of 4 in an evening.

    We only play the straight up kill the opponent games, but I'm itching to play all those missions that come with the larger ships and the core set. They look really fun.

    I think the games balance is the best I've come across and whilst I am an Imperial player for the most part, I'm happy to play Rebel too.I think straight out of the core set on its own the x-wing has the edge over the two tie fighters, but once you start upping the points and adding to your collection things really even out.

    All the ships have something to add to a game but I think the two "weakest" I've come across are the tie Advanced and the HWK. They aren't useless by any means but there are better ships. But Darth Vader comes in the Tie Advanced expansion, so a must buy really anyway

    I haven't given up entirely on 40k, and I still enjoy painting the models. But my gaming time has been taken over by this game now and it's low price and free rules in comparison to other games is making it more and more popular in my group. The most popular now easily and we only started in January.

    I love that I can play this game with my kids too, Imogen's 7 years old and a Rebel player, it didn't take her long to work out that Chewbacca flying the Falcon is a very good combo and regularly beats my face with him.
    Oscar has just turned 4 so is still a little young to actually play but is just happy sitting with me and helping me manoeuvre my ships and roll some dice.

    After all said and done, it's Star Wars and we all love it.
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    Getting new people to play X-Wing is soo easy. Let them play one game, and they're hooked. The game is so much fun. That's why a lot of people play X-Wing at my store.

    Quote Originally Posted by dan61087 View Post
    I do wonder if x wing will be able to hold the attention longer term in the same way as gw games with the scenarios and modeling options. Seems primarily geared to competitive play which I've never tried. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
    Fantasy Flight Games is very very careful about balance to keep the game very competitive. But a balanced game helps casual play a LOT! (The thing many people don't get when TOs try to balance out WH40k with their own rules.) You know what i hate most about 40k? Not being able to play the unit I like most in style and fluff because it sucks. There is no such thing in X-Wing.
    Casual play is awesome with X-Wing. Just fly whatever you want and you'll still have a good shot at winning. We play tournaments but we also play casual all the time. 50 points, 125 points, epic games, 300 points monster brawls, huge or more asteroids, minefields, custom szenarios, szenarios from the core game or expansions... Every single game has been a lot of fun so far.

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    What's nice to see is the x-wing player base growing, here on BoLs it's predominantly 40k, and that's cool. But I think x-wings another great game and chatting to online mates about the ins and outs of a hobby is great fun. I am a member of FF X-Wing forum too, but BoLs has a real sense of community and I look forward to chatting more X-Wing with my fellow BoLsters.
    I think X-Wing is here to stay

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    I do hope so.

    Just hope they don't try jumping any sharks. There's dozens of existing fighter designs out there as is, so should be a long way off. But if they started doing Ltd Ed stuff with pokey cards of pokeyness, I think I'd get a bit miffed. Unless it's a unique sculpt of ship, and the cards themselves are released separately to mere mortals
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    I have kept quite long enough. My Name is CJ.....and I am a Star Wars Junkie. I got into X-Wing for 1 reason. The minis. They are like plastic gold. Holding one in my hand, is lke a fat kid with a huge plate of meat and potatos. OK not really but still you get where I'm going with this. Unless you are a vegiterian. LOL

    But in all honosety. I haven't played a single game yet and I have a Starter and 1 of everything up to wave 3. I just made a purchase for an E-Wing and B-Wing yesterday and they are in route as we speak. My ultimate goal is to have at least 1 of every ship. Including Imps. I was a huge collector of the Wizards of the Coast minis but what lacked in that game was the support. FF has taken a great deal to make this game easy, attractive as well as fun.

    We have a great pressence here in the Cincinnati area. My issue is that I live on the West side and the game store that really has a good hold on this game is over 50 minutes away on the other side of the City. And it sucks. SO, trying to recruit my 40k brothers in picking this up as a second game. Fingers crossed that the force is with me in converting them over to the dark side.

    Either way, I'm in to stay. I'm already making purchase plans to pick up the missing pieces from the waves and make my purchase for the Tantive IV and transport.

    As for the futue of the game?

    Seriously.....anyone hear about the 3 new movies coming out????? And we still have all of I-III they haven't even touched yet!

    X-Wing is here to stay for uite some time. I recommend hitting YouTube and watching battle reports and just see if any of your local FLGS's have demo's. 1 game and you are sucked in. In my case, the mini's sucked me
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