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    what I kinda wonder is if we will see the same pilot on different ships some day (and not only as Crew options, as happens to like half the cast at the moment)... best examples are probably Tycho and Corran, who feels kinda wonky being A-Wing and E-Wing "exclusive" so far, respectively...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadlift View Post
    I've taken to doing a few repaints, just my Firesprays to start with. Nothing too dramatic but when I do run both in one game I like that they look like the ships on the cards instead of both having the Slave 1 paint job.

    I'm interested to see if they add any more factions, either pirates or bounty hunters are of course an easy option. How say you ?
    Would love to see images!

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    I will have to oblige you tomorrow, off out in a bit for a night of beer and curry

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    And after a long journey home, the Tantive IV has been has been unboxed!

    Sadly, it's time for pub now, so pics and that will have to wait until tomorrow.

    It is a gorgeous model though. Stands are plenty strong enough to hold it up, and the footprint of the bases are steady as a rock. And once again, 'nuff respek to FFG for the packaging. All held nice and snug, but easy as pie to remove once you've cracked it open!

    Rules review - Still don't have the core set, so can't comment!
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    Looking forward to seeing some pictures , it looked like a beast on the preview video on YouTube. Mine has been dispatched so should get it next week. Childlike anticipation for that moment of unboxing :-)

    this was a total impulse buy (50% off will do that!) given I only have the 2x core sets. How do you guys use the huge ships? Can you just play them in regular games with higher points? How do you kill a corellian corvette? (without a star destroyer)

    I quite like the idea of some proper scenarios like in x wing and tie fighter games (can't figure out why these haven't been updated for modern consoles) for example the empire needs to disable the ship before it jumps to hyperspace and board it using a shuttle. That sort of thing. With reinforcements arriving on set turn numbers. Does anyone play in this sort of narrative way?

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    You can use the bigger ships in 100pt games. They are not that points heavy surprisingly but still a little pricey. I only have the transport at the moment and it's fun to use as it augments your other ships nicely. But because it is a bit of a chunk on points your going to outnumbered always.

    FF have also written that it can also be used as an obstacle in game, if you don't choose to play the huge ship it can still be placed on the board instead of 3 Asteroids. That's fun because it's quite a bit more dangerous to fly around than a bog standard roid.

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    Heres a few pics of my re-paints. Nothing special but helps differentiate the 2 when playing them together.

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    Firesprays rock. Here are mine:

    Aand something for rebel fans:

    People are often offset by the prepainted models. But nothing stops you from still painting them yourself.

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    Looking good

    Yep I think when your running multiples of the same larger ships, it's nice to add a bit a paint to individualise them. I'm planning on redoing my A-Wings to match the Green ones, same with the Y-Wing and the Blue wing markings.

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    Very nice!

    May have to try some retouching myself at some point.

    I fancy a custom TIE squadron, and I shall call them 'illegitimate child' squadron (using the more popular, but censored version of a name for children born out of wedlock.
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