Hi gang! To complete my Infinity sell I am now putting up my Aleph. I have the following and am looking for total group, not induvidual models. For what I have, I feel it's a fair price but am open for nagotiations. I will ship over seas but it can be costly shipping from the US however, will work with you. Now for the goods. Majority of the minis are primed and built. I have some still bagged and or boxed.

Atlantia w/Spotbot
3 Netrods
Steel Phlanax Starter
Devas box
Dakini Tacbot with HMG
Probots box
Myrmidons box
Female single Deva

Looking for $125 plush shipping. I alway ship priority with tracking! If you need to see my creds, feel free to look me up on Ebay: ckaramol1975!