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    I was very disappointed that Nazdreg didn't return in the latest Ork Codex. If you want to bring him back, I'd say do a little mixing and matching of the Ork and Ghaz items plus give him a suitable fixed Warlord trait. Nazdreg is awesome enough to justify a little something extra over a generic Warboss.

    Warboss w/ Mega Armor, Cybork Body, 3 ammo runts, bosspole, gitfinda, Finkin' Cap, Kill Dakka (164)

    As for his Warlord trait, Supa Shootist (+1 BS) would make sense to get him BS3, but I'd take it one further considering Nazdreg is the master of the Tellyporta

    Warlord Trait: Tellyporta Assault
    Before deployment, roll a D3. Nazdreg and that many Ork units may Deep Strike.

    Round him out to say 175-200 and you should be ok.
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    Yah, that's a good profile for "friendly" games...and that's really all I play, anyway!


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