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    Default Hyperspace Monitoring Station… aka How to Find Reprints

    How do?

    So one of the only issues with X-Wing is how long reprints can take. I myself am desparate to get my grubby mitts on at least a pair of Y-Wings. Because they're iconic!

    Thankfully, Mr Patrick Boyle of this very forum found the following link.

    Simply set to reprints, and miniatures and away you go

    As of today, 4 August 2014 - Y-Wings, X-Wings, Rebel Transports, TIE Advanced and TIE Fighter all.....on the boat! On the boat is defined as en route from China to the US. FFG estimate this to take 4-6 weeks (I guess depending on weather and that). Now, the status on the above ships changed on 17 July 2014. It's now 7 August 2014, so should be shipping to Stores in the next week or two. Exciting!

    Lock s-foils to purchase position, and pass through that magnetic field!

    I'll do an update to this every so often, so we can get the force on our side and be ready!
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    Brief update on the VT-49 Decimator.

    Amazon UK have it down for a 15 September release date

    Now what that's based off, I dunno - but Amazon are normally pretty good about these things.

    And it's the same date for the YT-2400.

    Though interestingly, no such info on the Rebel Aces.
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    Update! - 5 October 2013.

    X-Wing and TIE Fighter now in stores.

    Core Game and Imperial Aces shipping to stores now.

    Rebel Transport, Tantive IV, TIE Advanced and Y-Wing still on the boat.

    Hurry up Y-Wings! I needs you in my fleet!
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