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    My name is Tibor Tombi, I’m an experienced and trustworthy freelance commission painter since 2009, located at Hungary at the moment. I accept commissions from Worldwide.

    If you want your figures get painted in your imaginary condition, don't hesitate to get in touch for a detailed quote via e-mail at :
    [email protected] or at

    You need to provide the models for painting. I can also purchase them for you at the RRP.

    I'll accept all kind of figures from Historical to Boardgames. ( For example: Infinity, Malifaux, WH40k, Relic etc.)

    I didn't call deposit or payment till i finished the work. Payment via Paypal, when i got the payment, i'll send the figures to your location.

    I'm very upfront about the process,I make sure as a client you don't feel left in the dark. I will send you pics about your project, to inform you how it goes.

    Some samples from my works:

    You could find more pictures at:

    Best wishes
    Member of the Brush Licking cult!

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    Member of the Brush Licking cult!



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