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Thread: First Army?

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    Red face First Army?

    I was considering starting to collect SBG with 3 other freinds but I do not really know the game well enough, despite having a copy of the rulebook, to effectivly choose a starting force. I was considering Dwarves or Isengard but what do you lot think would be a good starting force and what are the beneifits and faults of it?

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    well, i started with gondor because i liked them ever since i saw the return of the king. So my advice is to collect an army that u like the look of. Collect an army that bases it around your favourite hero or race. Also u can look at GW as i thnk they have open copies of the sourcebook. Mines of moria is a good starting point(thts wht i got) and it gives u different heroes from all the main good forces[gondor, dunedain(strider), elves, dwarfs and forgotten realms].

    Dwarfs and Isengaurd, are 2 good choices, the dwarfs have i high defense valuee and isengaurd has a high fight value.
    I suggest tht u have a look at their products/ sourcebooks.

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    Like Bob says the best thing to do is pick the faction that you like the look of and the heroes for the best. It's also worth thinking about how you're going to play the SBG, it works best imo as a scenario driven game so take a look at the journey books (if you're going to play that way) for more inspiration, the sourcebooks also have scenarios designed to work with the contents of that sourcebook.
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    choose a named hero then build a force for him

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    I'm really contemplating building a LOTR/WOTR force myself and I'm currently looking at the altenatives. I don't have the books or anything yet, so what is the main difference between SBG and WOTR? Would it make sense to start with SBG and then move on to WOTR (I know as much that WOTR is lots and lots bigger).

    I think one of the things that has held me back from starting LOTR (already have armies in 40K and FB) has been that you .. "know" what'll happen. Recreating stories has never been as fun to me as making my own. However, the models in the LOTR range are simply stunning, and no doubt my perception that the LOTR is more of a "static" game in story terms seems only to be partially true hehe.

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    The main diff is that WotR is a larger scale game, and that is partly expressed in the fcat units move in around in trays. A certain number of trays (Usually with 8 infantry or 2 cavalry in either; monsters roam free as seperate units) makes a formation (or company; I get the terms mixed up), and they move together as a groups, fighting, shooting and attcking in unison. Part of the tactics come from manouvering these companies around trying to optimise arcs of fire, opportunities for charging, and preventing enemy flank attacks.

    Different from Warhammer/40k, the combat is streamlined; there are no save throws per se. This is a blessing; it speeds up and simplifies everything. Also, the turn structure is different; in stead of there being turn-by-turn play in which one player does every action before the other player goes, WotR/LotR are different. You roll a dice to see who has 'initiative' and then (if you get it), you move, then your opponent does, then you shoot, you opponent does, then you charge, your opponent charges, and finally combat is resolved. It keeps each player involved instead of there being ages while your opponent does stuff as you twiddle your thumbs helplessly watching your army get smashed. It's again a better system than WHFB or 40k

    As for the story having been told? Meh. I understand exactly what you mean, I felt the same, but it kinda doesn't matter if you just put it out of your head. A lot of stuff has been added to by GW, and it's like watching a Bond film; you KNOW he won't die, but you can still enjoy it. Same deal. And watching things like Sauron smashing a Mumak to pieces is deluded brilliance!

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    Thank you for a great post! I'm really starting to feel the same way and have really opened up to a LOTR/WOTR army. I am pretty exited about starting a Lothlorien army and I've heard others talk warmly of the game system itself (not twiddling thumbs while waiting is certainly tempting )

    Are there any equivalents of Speess Mahreeens in WOTR? That is, does "everyone" play Wood Elves or Gondor? Or is it more like Warhammer Fantasy with a more even distribution among the armies?

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    I would say that in SBG the Space Marines would be the elves, Uruk's, and Dwarfs. They are some of the toughest guys in the game. SBG is quite fun, but me and my friend have decided that WOTR is much better in terms of pick up games. SBG is great for getting a group of friends, and playing. You do not necessarily have to do scenario games. Out of the 20 games I have played with SBG, none have been scenario based. They are all still great.

    WOTR is fantastic! I know there are some problems with it (Magic cough cough) but otherwise its pretty well put together. I don't know how well it would work at a tourney because the possibility for cheese is really high, but like said before, if you are not a super competitive player, its the best game Games Workshop makes.



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