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    I'd vote for any credible left-wing party. Shame there haven't been any since John Smith died in 1994. Faced with the worst Tory government since the heyday of Thatcher, Labour have been quite spectacularly spineless, and Ed Milliband still seems perpetually surprised that he's party leader, four years on.

    UKIP are what the BNP has morphed into; a grotesque group of ignorant bigots, motivated by little more than fear of the world, fear of The Other and fear of change. They're less scary than the BNP, but their engagement with actual political process makes them far more dangerous.

    As for the Tories? I always hated them as a matter of principle, but now? It is impossible for me to hate them enough. I am sick and tired of the needs of the 99% of people being sacrificed on the altar of the 1%. For example, London has £2,700 per head spent on fixing roads; everywhere else gets £5 per head ( London is propped up by public money; it couldn't exist without it. And why London? because that's where politics lives. It's a parasite, feeding on the rest of the nation, and Cameron preaches to the rest of us about austerity forever from a literal golden throne.

    This is a man whose only wish is that the rest of us just doffed our caps as he passed, called him mi'lord, and just bloody well knew our place.

    And no-one wants to change it. Look at the Scotland vote - almost everyone in the country voted, because there was a real chance for change. I'm not apathetic about politics. I just hate absolutely everyone in power because they're the absolute worst of us, and they lie and they lie and they lie and claim to be the best. I am sick of neocon values, sick of being told that free market capitalism produces anything but monopolies when it doesn't. Evolution doesn't produces anything but apex predators, and apex predators don't serve anyone's needs but their own.

    So yeah. I've no idea how I'm going to vote. My only option is in protest. In that regard, Yorkshire First seems a good choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfshade View Post
    That video is why I am voting conservative for another term.

    Poverty is unfortunately relative.

    Giving people additional monies doesn't actually make things cheaper, (if you don't believe me look at the issues of hyperinflation, locals are paid loads a monies in local money but can't buy bread). Inflation tends to rise along side wages.
    The real problem is a lack of financial balance in the world. Things are so screwed up and if you even 'mention' financial inequality in the US the wealthy yell "class warfare!" We're seeing a level of financial inequality that hasn't existed since the 1920's and we all know how well that went.

    In the US the top 0.1% or 16,000 families have $6 trillion in assets which is equal to the entire wealth of the bottom 66%! Seriously WTF!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The UK isn't quite so badly out of balance as it takes the entire top 1% to equal the bottom 55%. With the top 10% own ~44% of the UK wealth. In the US the top 10% are estimated to own ~75% of all the wealth! Holy **** Batman!

    And it gets way worse when you look at the world abroad as there are so many countries where people in general have zero wealth. The world's richest 1% control ~50% of the entire world's wealth.

    Financial inequality is 'the' issue and it's glossed over by the vast majority. Although hats off to the UK for doing twice as good of a job at keeping some pretense of balance. It's not an easy task!
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    Scary thing is, I earn above the median income, and I'm still finding many things out of my reach!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    Scary thing is, I earn above the median income, and I'm still finding many things out of my reach!
    I understand that! I'm not sure how the UK chooses to tax your income but the US tax code is so convoluted that if you earn a good living "working income" you get hammered with taxes while if you receive a good living "passive income" you pay far, far less. Our tax system is set up perfectly for dynasty building across generations, the efforts of which we are seeing come to fruition in the present.
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    As of April next year, I get £10,000 tax free every year (though my tax code is lower because of workplace benefits, and a cockup a couple of years back. Bit of a pain, but beats them chasing me for a lump sum!).

    Anything over that, and I pay 20% tax on it, and 12% National Insurance.

    However, my pension contribution is Tax Free, as the pension itself will be taxed when I start drawing it down around 2050ish.....

    So it's not terribly hard to work out - though Mumsie Mystery was a book keeper by trade, so I'm used to working it out!

    Oh, and if I make Manager, I'll go up a Tax Band, and any earnings in excess of (currently) £41,900 would be taxed at 40%.

    But hey, I don't mind. When I get there, as a single bloke I'm pretty sure I'll have plenty enough money for me
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    Oh, and if I make Manager, I'll go up a Tax Band, and any earnings in excess of (currently) £41,900 would be taxed at 40%.
    To put that in context, if you make over £26,000 per annum, you're in the richest 10% of people in the world.

    Also, my sister makes in excess of £42,000 a year and is in that tax bracket. She lives in London, very, very comfortably. My brother in law makes over £50,000 a year and supports his wife and two children extremely well. A friend just went up to £50,000, and he keeps his family in total comfort. Yes, they all have problems, but none of them are financial.

    Anyone complaining about high taxation at that level of pay is a d!ck.

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    Pretty much.
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    Yorkie - as I quoted before, London contributes 30% of GDP for 20% population - it punches above its weight and should be treated as such.

    I don't know why lefties feel able to be so prejudiced against tories for (as the cool kids like to say) reasons. If people demonstrated the unrelenting bias prejudice and pure hatred based on any other demographic - sex, age, sexual orientation, race, nationality etc - that a lot of lefties demonstrate about tories, they would be rightly castigated.

    If £26k is enough to be in the top 10% of richest people in the world, it is possible for certain for people entirely on benefits in the UK to fall within the top 10-15% - which just goes to show what a subjective and irrelevant figure that is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    Oh, and if I make Manager, I'll go up a Tax Band, and any earnings in excess of (currently) £41,900 would be taxed at 40%.
    Ha! Spare a thought for the Australians. If you go up a tax band there, you don't get the excess taxed at the higher rate - you get the WHOLE THING taxed at the higher rate. If your gross pay doesn't go up enough, your net pay actually decreases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    As of April next year, I get £10,000 tax free every year

    Anything over that, and I pay 20% tax on it, and 12% National Insurance.
    As a married mook we have to run our taxes two different ways. Once as if we file together and then again as if we file separately. We can then pick the way that costs the least. (Extra work but we do it for a living so not too bad)

    Where we live we pay taxes at 3 different levels. (National, state and local)

    Nationally we pay various income based taxes
    1) social security/medicare taxes that provide social services when we get older (65-70 years old is when they kick in)
    2) national income taxes.

    We own our own business so we have to pay double for the first type of national taxes. (Usually you pay half and your employer pays the other half... when you are the employer it bites)

    Taxes from 1) above are a flat percentage so for us they are:
    12.4% for social security and
    2.9% for Medicare

    Federal taxes are paid from a chart that changes every year (2013 is below and we would use the 2 middle columns to do the different calculations):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	2013-Federal-IRS-Tax-Tables.png 
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    There are also special taxes that kick in for different situations... the federal tax code isn't over 75,000 pages long for no reason.

    At the state level we pay off of the following table:

    Ohio Taxable Income
    Tax Calculation
    0 – $5,200 = 0.537%
    $5,200– $10,400 = $27.92+ 1.074% of excess over $5,200
    $10,400 – $15,650 = $83.77+ 2.148% of excess over $10,400
    $15,650 – $20,900 = $196.54 + 2.686% of excess over $15,650
    $20,900 – $41,700 = $337.56 + 3.222% of excess over $20,900
    $41,700 – $83,350 = $1,007.74 + 3.760% of excess over $41,700
    $83,350 – $104,250 = $2,573.78 + 4.296% of excess over $83,350
    $104,250 – $208,500 = $3,471.64 + 4.988% of excess over $104,250
    More than $208,500 = $8,671.63 + 5.421% of excess over $208,500

    Then at our local level we pay the city a flat 2.5% tax on our income

    You include and exclude different things from your taxable income at the national, state and local levels. (It's a long list!), and depending upon the whims of the government there are various credits and other options that vary from year to year.

    So when the dust settles you calculate your "effective" income tax rate each year as the total taxes you actually paid vs the total income you actually earned.

    This is a bit of a simplification of how things roll here but you get the gist of things. Our normal tax filing is over 100 pages per year. Good times!
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