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    Default Explorator 40k...

    How do?

    So those Solar Auxilia models have got my interest. Not only are they gorgeous sculpts, but there's just something about them which makes me think of 40k era Rogue Trader henchmen. Big part of it is the antiquated look of the equipment, and the general 'equipped for any situation' look - something you don't normally associate with Astra Militarum models, on account nobody bothers investing that much time and money equipping them.

    And so I think it's time to resurrect an old idea - combining Necromunda, Gorka Morka and the Outlander rules for Cultists and Eldar Rangers to produce a sort 'catch all' type skirmish game with warband advancements.

    Setting is easy peasy - Rogue Trader Explorator fleet. Games are set on a specific world (or different ones, up to you!), with the various henchgroups making as much bonus/bounty/prize money as they can. Presence of Orks needs no explanation, as you know, they're Orks, innit. Eldar? If we're ambitious, could knock together a Exodite list (I'd suggest all beast mounted, basing them off of Muties from Digganob), or more safely as already suggested Eldar Rangers/Pathfinders (probably interfering at the behest of a Farseer).

    Advancements? Can either just stick with NecroMorka type, where everyone advances as a character, or adapt Mordheim, so you have henchmen groups that advance fairly quickly, but in a more limited fashion (I prefer that one, but suspect I'm in a minority).

    Anyone else interested in chipping in to thrash out the base stats etc? For racial stat limits, I'd suggest Mordheim again, as that had need of them, where NecroMorka didn't so much!
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    I'd look close at Mordheim for a good basis. It feels like an evolution of the small skirmish games. Especially the skill gain sections.

    Gorky Morka vehicle rules were ok, My games in that quickly devolved into Mad Max Trakks vs Tracks. It was simply better to outrange and out move other gangs . Foot gangs were exterminated.

    Armor too expensive, I remember something like 50 gold for 5+ heavy armor in Mordheim
    Sustained fire in Necromunda (was fixed in Gorky Mora)

    I think I preferred the combat system in Necromunda. It better represented duals between individuals over the Mordheim system.

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    Having more factions will draw more interest and you'll inevitably have requests for them as time goes on. Therefore, I think you'll save yourself a lot of work with the advancement system in Mordheim. I preferred that method due to its simplicity. You might also consider just waiting on the vehicle rules until you get the infantry stuff worked out, so you're less overwhelmed at first.

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    Hello and welcome to BOLS Mr Halberd!

    In terms of vehicles, I was thinking of a wholesale yoinking from Gorkamorka, but with the option of lower AV ones to represent the more civilian nature, with the option of up armouring/buying a war machine for lots and lots of munneh - as in it's way out the price range of starting warbands. Ideally, I'd like the use of vehicles to mostly be to aid in scenarios - such as retrieving a piece of arechotech, and getting it back to base. Keeping them low AV and relatively easily broken should add a new dynamic.

    Except Orks - who make everything battle worthy (though their vehicles would of course be expensive!)
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    Thank you. Glad to be here.

    Perhaps this might also be helpful in generating ideas, if you haven't seen it before.

    As with all iterations of Kill Team I can think of, you might want to limit the vehicles available in your skirmish game based on total Armor Value, unless running a special scenario. A landing party is assigned to bring back a rogue Dreadnought to see why it's gone off its rocker? Could be fun... and messy.

    Also, I would try this game if you make it. I was a big fan of Necromunda and GorkaMorka even more so.
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    Not sure how much I'm making, so much as crudely bashing into a new and interesting shape!

    Majority of the rules are there - just a matter of picking and choosing the best bits!
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    For vehicle rules you need to look at the majority strength of weapons. If you are looking at human stats. WS/BS 3: Strength 3. With strength 3 lasguns as the primary ranged weapons. Then AV 10 vehicles are immune to all those S3 weapons.

    If you start handing out bolters, plasma or melta then the power balance changes. Or worse, lascannons and old school multimeltas.

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    It's baaaaaack!

    This time inspired by the forthcoming Mechanicum toys - and everyone knows Mechanicum Explorator Fleets exist, always searching for that McGuffin....

    Haven't actually done any proper work on this yet - but up in Edinburgh soon, and I'm 90% sure my bro has the rulebooks I'll need to start tinkering away
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