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    Default The Tainted - 3,000 points of Chaos Weirdness.

    How do?

    So I've been looking at my Warriors of Chaos book, and I'm feeling the lure. So with no malice aforethought, I've plumped for a 3,000 point list of nasty, mutated, scummy, 'orrible, weird looking stuff! Mr Mystery - him no want no norms!

    Right, here we go!

    Daemon Prince - 550 points
    Mark of Nurgle, Daemonic Flight, Level 4, Chaos Armour, Nurgles Rot, Scaled Skin, Chaos Familiar, Flaming Breath, Helm of Many Eyes

    Chaos Sorceror - 305
    Level 2, Gorebeast Chariot, Sword of Change (Lore of Shadow)

    Throgg - 195

    Forsaken - 630
    30, Mark of Nurgle

    Blightkings - 230
    5, full command

    Blightkings - 230
    5, full command

    Dragon Ogres - 418
    6, Shartak, Great Weapons

    Chaos Trolls - 418
    11, additional hand weapon

    It's slightly rubbish, but importantly, has lots of sick and bogies in it. All about the heavy hit, and doing it damnedest to make sure there's nowt that can strike back!
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    It's an interesting list and I like the theme.

    I'd consider splitting the troll unit in two as pretty much nothing will stand up to Throgg and 5 Trolls anyway.....

    I've never seen anyone achieve anything good with Dragon Ogres given the points - it's a shame given how cool the models are but I'd consider plague ogres or something else unless you have a dastardly plan!

    I think you need some kind of chaff as otherwise you may run into trouble, especially as you have no shooting.

    I'd consider dropping the chariot as cannon bait but people will have other targets. To that end, I'd consider the Charmed Shield on your Daemon Prince to up his cannon proofing.

    I don't think the Blight Kings are worth it but they look awesome so..... yeah!

    Finally, I'd try and squeeze a BSB in.
    Hope you have some great games.



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