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    What's the recomended minimum number to play Dark Heresy? Two of my friends are interested and I've offered to DM, but I'm not sure if that will make our group too small to effectively function.

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    Like most RPGs, it can handle as few or as many PCs as you're willing to work for. You'll have to keep your bad guys in small groups to keep from wiping out the PCs constantly, but difficulty scaling is something every DM has to do.

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    So do you guys have any suggestions as to what would be a better system to use in stead of the standard Dark Heresy system? I have the DH books and am thinking of starting a campaign, but the rules do seem slightly clunky to me, it looks like starting players have only a small percentage chance of succeeding at anything...

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    Well, failure also has its charm from time to time.
    But when it comes to rank/lvl.-based rpgs I find that most of the time it's more fun to start the players of on, say the third rank/lvl. I'm yet to try that in a Dark Heresy Campaign.

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    When you play a campaign of dark heresy you need at least two other people. You can npc everything else you will need. If you find that entry level is too hard you can always hand out xp as candy for a while or create a session where all the characters do is wade through room after room of crappy cultists or something similar.

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    I like the System because Charakters can easily die if the player have crappy ideas.

    Im playing P&P RPGs a bit longer than 40k and the most time i think at a higher level the Carakters are invenurable or the players have the idea.

    Wiht a bit of luck you have one shot kill but not only for the Carakters.

    Sometimes its like Call of Cuthulu: He who runs a away, can invetigate another day

    Not like some Fantasy RPGs like the German Main System Das Schwarze Auge (The Black Eye) where Players simple can ignore minor monster meetings or as GM you have to bring more deadly Monsters all sesion.

    Kids with Laspistols can be deadly and the players know it, do they are more carefull, therefor i love this system.

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    I'm with you Bung! I like the system and if the players rush into things too hastly it might end very bad for them!
    And just as in Call of Cuthulu the players should be careful when it comes to reading strange, old moldy books, it's neither good for the purity of the soul or their mental sanity...
    But on the other hand it's always fun to put strange books in their paths, sit back and watch the players scream: "no..!" when you explain the contents of the book and the effect on their characters pure souls...

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    I'm new to the RPG thing and Dark Heresy is the first I've played.

    I have enjoyed it immensely. It captures the feel of the 40k universe well and it's just fun to sit around with your buds telling a story about space zombies.

    I think my favorite moment had my party and I fighting off a Dark Eldar Haemonculus, his Grotesques, and some Warriors. Things were looking bad when the Psyker decided to cast Staunch Bleeding on an ally. He rolls Perils and instead of stopping the blood, he makes it rain from the sky! Then he decides to toss a grenade and drops it at his feet. 2 hours later, my Guardsman and our Tech Priest wake up with 0 wounds (burned Fate to not die), take in the carnage (nobody else was as lucky), collect our objective and high tail it out of there.

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    I've actually used the Hero system to run a 40K game, and it worked out fairly well. The biggest downside was that only one other player knew the 40K universe that well - which is something that DH would've handled better.

    But it was fun to come up with stats in the Hero system for things like power weapons, invulnerable saves, and bolt pistols.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voxnovanion View Post
    So do you guys have any suggestions as to what would be a better system to use in stead of the standard Dark Heresy system? I have the DH books and am thinking of starting a campaign, but the rules do seem slightly clunky to me, it looks like starting players have only a small percentage chance of succeeding at anything...
    If you're coming into DH or WFRP having played primarily d20 systems for most of your life, it's not surprising you would think that. Most people run d20 games as a 'make a check if you want to do something or you can't, period' affair. While both of these systems can be punishing, they depend on having a GM that makes intelligent decisions on when it's appropriate to have a player take a skill check at all (certainly not for routine actions such as casually driving a vehicle in normal traffic - unless the driver lacks the skill in question, of course), and one that also knows how to soften a blow when its appropriate for the narrative.

    As a player it's also important to remember that both systems focus on the nitty gritty of both settings. In DH, the familiar line "To be a man in such times is to be one amongst untold billions" is the credo, even working for the Inquisition you are starting off at the lowest of rungs. In WFRP it's essential to realize that your character is likely a bumpkin that had their unpleasant life made even more unpleasant and decided to wander the world instead of sit around and wait to be killed. In either case, you're not a hero - yet.

    On that note if you want an RPG that has you go in expecting to pull off all sorts of daring stunts and getting away with it, Rogue Trader uses the same skill/talent/career system as DH but is scaled up in both character power and authority. If that's STILL not enough for you, Fantasy Flight Games is, as far as we know, still following the original plan for the three different 40k RPGs all revolving around an interchangeable system throughout different Imperial institutions. Dark Heresy was the first, Rogue Trader was planned for the second (and will be), and finally following that should be Deathwatch, which of course will have the players as veteran Space Marines in one of the titular squads dedicated to eradicating dangerous and hostile xenos at the behest of the Ordos Xenos. If FFG's schedule so far continues as it has been, we might expect to see it at the end of next year.


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