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    Exclamation bretonnian advice?

    just moved over a decided to try out warhammer because a freind played it a while ago and i decided to go back into it with him haven't been able to get together with him to play yet but any advice on how to play them all i have is the battalion and the same with him he plays the high elves now but he used to play woood elves
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    is there a question in there somewhere?

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    Get more knights! I usually run 2x9 KotR and 9 KE. Also, Pegasus Knights are invaluable to your success! I'm not a fan of Men-at-arms, but they have their uses.. mainly to die horribly... Bowmen are another story - they're very useful. If you have more specific questions, ask away!
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    The OP is a classic example of a terrible post. Put a question in it next time.

    There's a sticky for a "guide to successful posting", I highly suggest you read it.
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    srry i'm just looking for any advice on how i should use them and me and my freind agreed upon only useing the contents of the box maybe a lord/paladin if we need to but all i have at my disposal is the battalionand the same with him for his high elves. i'm looking for any tips on how i should play my men any tricks i should know abaout, anything. if there are some tips for playing against high elves then that would be helpful
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    Is English your native language?

    Hard to make it through your posts as the grammar and spelling is quite terrible. Capitalization and punctuation are your friends! - A WHFB Gnoblog

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    yes, srry i just don't use them here
    2nd ultrmarines company along with cadian 111th "big red ones"

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    Don't underestimate Bretonnian archers... sure, Empire archers suck, but bretonnian archers aren't actually that bad as long as you use the stakes.
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    First the advice. If you are stuck with the contents of the battalion box, you should really out class your high elf amigo. Use your peg knight to hun his bolt thrower, actually rank the knights up in a lance formation, don't be scared of sivler helms, they are garbage, and remember even if you charge he goes first. Also recognize that this is a tiny sample of a real game of warhammer, if the smallness bores you, good that tactics at that point size are almost non existant.

    Second. Please use punctuation and grammar, it makes your posts more readable, and encourages people to help you rather than pointing out your apparent lack of respect for my reading ease. I also had to go look up the contents of each battle box in the future at least provide links to the stuff you want people to compare.



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