So, Glottkin has given me the Fantasy bug, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to WHFB, I've in fact never played a game. This isn't a huge obstacle, as I was finished building my first 40k army before I played my 1st game, but as a result I'm a bit in the woods when it comes to getting my Nurgle force off the ground.

I have a 40k Nurgle Chaos Daemon army with a great unclean one, epidemius, a herald on palanquin, 3 heralds on foot, 60 plaguebearers, 3 beasts of Nurgle and 3 daemon princes. While I love these models, they're mostly there to fill things out while I get beastmen and warriors of chaos off the ground.

I raided my old battle masters set for some bodies and came away with 12 warriors of chaos, 10 gors, and 10 archers (I plan to sprinkle them into marauder hordes if I ever wind up with some marauders), an ogre, and 3 knights. i just got 12 warriors of chaos and 10 knights on ebay for a song, so that gives me a start.

So, the help I need is this: I am primarily interested in modeling, but not having a strong understanding of the army or the game I don't know the roles I need filled or the synergies. I've got some models I definitely want, but I'm not sure what they pair well with.

Nurgle lord on mount. How could I not want this model? I assume a standard escort of knights works for him.

Festus. Beautiful model, I definitely want to se him, but I don't know what he works well with.

Chaos Warshrine. I know this can be used as a mount as well as a unit in its own right. What does this bad boy pair well with?

Chariots. They look awesome, is the gore beast better?

Ogres. I have one, he's fun, I want more, do they work well with anything in particular?


Now that beastmen can take marks I want them too, but I wasn't sure if any of their units seem like they would fill a gap in the warriors of chaos lines. If not I'll probably just get some bestigors, gors, and a shaman to lead them.

So, any thoughts on what to take with these units would be very helpful, thanks!