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    Default Infinity roleplaying game!

    London-based Modiphius Entertainment has announced a licensing deal with Corvus Belli to create a line of roleplaying games based on INFINITY, their top-selling miniatures skirmish game.

    Infinity - The Roleplaying Game. Adventures In the Human Sphere & Beyond will be available as a limited pre-order for the Corebook in Q1 - 2015, which will ship in Q2 - 2015. A Kickstarter campaign will follow in the Summer of 2015, with plans to expand the range to include full-colour campaign books, setting books, new player-character and villain figures, floor tiles and much more.

    We are developing Infinity, the roleplaying game for the 2d20 system which is the Modiphius house system, designed by Jay Little (Star Wars Edge of the Empire, The X-Wing Miniatures Game). It's a very cinematic roleplaying system that bears similarities to the Infinity miniatures game such as using multiple d20's to roll under a target number. There will be other familiar features within the roleplaying game for existing Infinity players.

    OMG! I'M IN!
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    It looks very, very cool from their announcement

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