After browsing through the rules for the new Legions of Chaos army, one thing stuck out to me. The Reign of Chaos has been changed in several ways, most noticeably, the fact that you no longer have to roll for your own units with the "wrong mark" (I guess it must truly be the endtimes if the Chaos gods are learning to work together) and that the eye of the storm result has been drastically improved. Instead of doing nothing, it triggers one of the 4 effects, based on the mark of your general. If the general has no mark or has died, nothing happens, as per usual.

Nothing overly game-breaking yet, but then it hit me, Archeon has all marks!

The rule quite literally says "If your Army General has a Mark of Chaos, consult the chart below to determine which effect manifests", and then goes on to form a small list of the different effects. Does this mean that when Archeon is your general, your 7 result on the Reign of Chaos table will have fire, rot, bronze skulls and lust raining out of the sky like the chaos gods just popped a pinata?