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    I somehow don't think any GMs are going to let you get away with that. Although I know some sadistic GMs that would let you do all the hiring and lining up before having it flop.
    Kabal of Venomed Dreams

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    I don't know if that's better or not...
    What about the WMD arrow that pushes a portable hole into a bag of holding on impact?

    However the process of robo-insemination is far too complex for the human mind!
    A knee high fence, my one weakness

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    I saw that costed out once, and for the price of the Bag of Holding and Portable Hole you could get a couple of wands of some spell, I think it may have been Explosive Fireball? And do the same amount of damage at the same range, while having more than one shot. So 'interesting but impractical'.
    Kabal of Venomed Dreams



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