Hello, looking for NOS or NIB:

I'm in the U.S of A.

Gale Force 9 / Battlefield in a Box kits
  • Ruined Columns
  • Badlands Rocks
  • Large Desert Hill
  • The Broken Facade
  • Warped Stone


  • Metal Immortals

Santus Reach Stormclaw set
  • Dragongaze

  • Forgeworld Death Korps Limited Edition Commissar on horseback
  • Forgeworld Trygon
  • Capillary Towers
  • Spore Chimney
  • Brood Nest Broodnest
  • Crashed Tau Piranha
  • Any OOP Forgeworld Terrain (bunkers, gun emplacements, Nid capillary towers, etc....)
  • Siege of Vraks Posters

IG DKoK and Praetorians
  • DKoK
    • Death Korps of Krieg DKoK Poster
    • Death Korps Death Rider Limited Edition Commissar calvary
    • Death Korps Troops and Heavy Weapons

    • Praetorians special weapons, heavy weapons, troops
    • Praetorian decal transfer sheets
    • Praetorian Commissar

  • Newest edition 'Eavy Metal Masterclass
  • 13th Black Crusade book
  • Anvil of Fenris Wolf Guard or Long Fang Edition


Specifically for the Praetorians, looking for these:
  • 2x Commissar
  • 20x Lasguns
  • 3x Heavy Bolters teams
  • 2x Grenade launcher
  • 4x Meltaguns
  • 8x Mortar Teams
  • 4x Flamers
  • 1 x Lascannon teams bare metal
  • 7 x Autocannon team bare metal
  • 5 x Praetorian Lts w/ chainsword bare metal
  • 1 x Praetorian Lts w/ powersword bare metal

I am in the USA. Thanks for your time.