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    wow I envy you!

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    only it is more lewis bags than lewis guns...
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    Still finding Gotham a bit shonky. Good bits are ace, other bits not so much.

    But, with Penguin now having revealed himself to the coppers, might start picking up.....

    In other telly - old stuff.

    Greatly enjoying Tales of the Unexpected, even if they're not entirely unexpected, they're still decent entertainment. Got the complete series on DVD to chew through!
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    I'm limited to free German satellite TV so I'm 1-2 years behind on almost everything.

    Elementary is great and in fact better than Sherlock.

    I enjoy Warehouse 13 a lot

    What was the show with the terrorists and the policewoman from the future? Does it still exist?

    I really wanted to watch a Swedish show about robots, called Real Humans over here, but unfortunately I missed most episodes.

    Currently I'm enjoying the witch season of American Horror Story, while I somehow missed getting into the first season and thought the second had just to many things going on (something I usually claim to be impossible)

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfshade View Post
    Assuming you meant Borgias, with or without Jeremy Irons

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    Sorry, Borgia, not The Borgias.

    Also yes! Elementary > Sherlock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Mystery View Post
    Spartacus War of the Damned tonight.

    Very, very silly programme. Not one of the historically fussed.

    Big, daft, overblown, camper than a field of Frenchmen - but glorious telly all the same!
    I don't know, it's slightly more acurate then the Movie Spartacus ever was, but oh so ruder and gorier, Highly recomend to anyone

    Watched Dr Who recently very hit and miss.

    Watching Agents of Shield at the moment, slow start again I think, but stronger then the 1st season.

    Have been binging on Dreamworks Dragons series lately, very well writen despite being a Cartoon Network TV series for kids....

    Strangely am I the only one looking foward to the new series of Call the Midewife that's supposed to be coming out later this year/early next year, most likely the last.... But I really have enjoyed watching those...

    I'm waiting for them to bring out the complete Boardwalk empire to take a holiday and binge watch the whole lot, best Gangester series in recent times, Better then the Sopranos, yes I said that
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfshade View Post
    Sorry, Borgia, not The Borgias.

    Also yes! Elementary > Sherlock.
    The Borgia's with Jeremy Irons is fantastic, so sad it was cancelled.

    Elementary is so, so much better than Sherlock it isn't funny. Sherlock is easily the worst interpretation of Sherlock Holmes I have ever seen.
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    I originaly stumbled upon Borgia while looking for the The Borgais, I do intend to watch The Borgais, but once I've finished the new season of Borgia then Battle Star.
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    I've discovered the new series of whose line is it anyway and have been watching that, man has the bald one not aged grass fully at all
    I've also been watching pretty much anything on history channel, so a whole lot of stuff on the world wars as here in Australia they are celebrating the 100 years of the australian military, though what I call conspiracy theory Thursday still happens
    I've also discovered the show mountain monsters, basically a group of rednecks carrying shotguns through woodlands trying to capture things like Bigfoot and werewolves and other crypto zoologicals
    Though other then that not much
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    Snow Mountain Monsters sounds fun!

    Gotham - still struggling, but giving it the same chance I gave Agents of SHIELD.

    Agents of SHIELD - keeps improving.

    Walking Dead - Very, very good mid-seasons finale/cliffhanger.

    Also picked up Twilight Zone (complete), Tales from the Darkside (complete) and finally, at long last, begun upgrading my Dr Who VHS collection to DVD. Now have all of Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. Colin Baker - I may have misjudged him somewhat. On the face of it, terrible stories, poor effects etc. But when you dig into the history - Controller of BBC out to shut down the programme, cut budget, constant interference, you can't help but soften a little on actors clearly making the best of a bad job.
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