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    Default Hobbit - Battle of Five Armies Products

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    via Steve the Warboss 11-22-2014

    Upcoming Holiday Hobbit/LotR Products from GW

    -The LotR Books & the Ring War Rulebook will soon return to stock.
    -There will be two Battle of Five Armies Books.
    -One Book for skimish gaming.
    -One Book for mass battle gaming.
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    War of the Ring was actually a pretty solid system. The skirmish game was just too clunky though. Fun at very small scale as a skirmish game (I introduced my 14 year old brother-in-law to gaming with it), but as soon as heroes start showing up it gets ridiculous. Interested to see the mass battle rules come out for War of the Ring. I think the game could have been a success in the past if it had been released first, but the skirmish game put such a bad taste in everyone's mouth that it didn't really get a solid chance.

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    I really wish they would re-release the 10mm box for Battle Of Five Armies. Im interested in the "mass battle rules" though,... I have War of teh Ring, but welcome any update that might streamline and balance it a bit more.



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