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    Default prodos games avp?

    hey all
    does anyone know whats going on with prodos games'AvP' game? isnt it supposed to be out the end of this year? i dont seem to be having much luck with answers regards their fb page so does anyone have any clue?


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    lol no news is good news i spose

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    thanks, hope this gets sorted out as it looks to be a great game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Az Alderson View Post
    thanks, hope this gets sorted out as it looks to be a great game
    AVP is still on track there is a facebook group if you are after specifics but was having a conversation with the prodos guys at Dragonmeet and the IP thing is bogus but the comments were getting flamey so they have not bothered reinstating but have confirmed all orders will be fulfilled.

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    Thanks for letting us know… it's a great looking project, I'm glad it's still a go.

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    There are just many little things to deal with in regards to licensing and FOX.
    One of the restrictions FOX put down was "no sneak peeks" and that they HAVE to approve EVERY step of the production. Not just models, but rules, proofreading, etc.

    It's supposed to be out soon. I never went into the KS - but I've got mates who did, and they went deep enough that there's going to be enough surplus locally that I can share in that largesse. I've been looking for a decent aliens game since the old WEG boardgame went tits-up.
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