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    Question Things i need advice with glottkin and freinds

    I primary run a daemons army but due to money issues I had to stop but now I have came back unfortunately at the wrong time as the book for Glottkin is sold out does anyone know if they are making more prints or soft copy of the book? anyway I got the model and the rules came with it on the instructions so I am happy but also confused at the same time I will go over the rules that I feel confused about.

    Large Target its not on there now the size of this beast is huge but its not listed does this mean the range of inspiring presence is lowered but does this mean weapons that do special effects to large targets don't apply to him (if there is any)?

    Lore of Nurgle and his wounds does the exception rule also apply to wounds gained in this manner making him having the ability of having a infinity amount of wounds?

    Lore of Nurgle I just need a second optional but I am sure it is the lore from warriors of chaos and not daemons but if by any chance can you choose what lore because all there spells are the same or must it be from warriors of chaos one?

    Inspiring presence and Glottkin to daemons would they even get this because in the daemon book it only mentions if other daemons but no indication if a outside source such as Glottkin would give them it?

    As I don't have the book are there rule change's affecting daemons in the book I heard that the special tables get a rule for the role of 7 but I cant clarify that and please you don't have to its just if I buy the book to look at sections in the book to revise over them when or if I finally get said book.

    Glottkin or the maggot lords when including them into my daemon horde make the army a legion of chaos army?
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    There is a soft back edition of Glottkin. Seems to be temporarily out of stock, but it isn't a limited run so should be back soon. There is also an iBook edition.

    As for large target, there is quite a bit of stuff in the game that doesn't have it and you would think should have it. I'm not sure how they decide, but I wouldn't worry about it. Large target doesn't really do much in the game anyway.
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    I think it is a hint that large target could be added to the monster profile in 9th edition so we could be seeing rule pruning because I belive some of the nagash stuff also has rules missing that would make sense to the model.
    Those who judge without reason are no better then the things they judge.

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    I have a copy, slightly damaged in the corner that I would be willing to part with for £25 inc postage?



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