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    Quote Originally Posted by 0rph3u5 View Post
    venerare - to worship/honour s.o.
    Actually, it's from 'venare' "to hunt"

    Quote Originally Posted by Houghten View Post
    I wondered about "Raptor" but my research suggested it meant "rapist" rather than "robber," so I didn't really want to consider it. Hopefully I was just wrong.
    Not really. 'Rapere' is primarily "to seize" or "to take". So, the famous Rape of the Sabine Women from early Roman history is a mass kidnapping followed by Stockholm syndrome, which isn't really better than rape, (and probably included some rape in fact) but wife stealing has a good historical basis and, umm, I think this is getting off-topic ...

    So, for 'raptor' picture the velociraptors from Jurassic Park, and not sexual violence. And on that note, I give you Root Her, a Jurassic Park slashfic.

    Oh, NSFW. Actually, just not safe. And includes too many uses of the word "Velocigina". Which, oddly, should be the name of a spaceship ...
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    Here's hoping for a March/April release!

    No real reasons, except I don't like waiting

    Perhaps their recent merger/takeover/buyout will improve their logistics, and get us our pew pew with greater reliability!
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    I really want to start a space fleet game. Should I buy into Firestorm Armada or wait for this? Choices, choices...

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    From what I've seen of Armada on the FFG previews, it's more 'ballet' - long sweeping manoeuvres, as opposed to the more frantic X-Wing
    Fed up for Scalpers?

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    Digging this up because new Imperial Raider pre-view!

    So stats and ship cards are offical now

    I see Tarkin and Fleet Officer going to be thing. Needa and Mara Jade might be good fit too. Dunno what to make of Ozzel.

    When I first saw those firing arcs, I thought there would be a blind spot but no overlap ... and here I thought my spacial reasoning was excellent...
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    Grand Moff Tarkin artwork is the same as the card from Armada.

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    It's on the boat!


    At long bloody last. Seems it's time to dust off the TIE Advances!
    Fed up for Scalpers?


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