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    Cripes! Now I know why I need such huge doors!

    These Tech Priests are gianormous!

    I don't know what this thing is supposed to do but somehow a Emperor Titan needs a body guard.

    And a company of lesser warrior priests.

    As you can see I have found a purpose for my balcony. Purely serendipity I assure you; I had no idea these creatures existed.
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    Blackadder's Instant Paint Job:

    So I'm watching these Youtube videos how to paint Skitarii and they are quite involved what with the spray painting with grey primer and then gunmetal silver and washes etc. A marvel of tenacity and patience........

    and I look at my Warlord and Thunderhawk and to my unpracticed eye I see very little difference between all that work and the relatively simple Flat Black Primer and rubbed in Graphite powder.

    So I'm going to share my simple yet effective and cost effect method of acheiving the same effect with a tenth the effort.

    First I spray paint all the figures with ElCheapo Walmart brand $0.99 cents a can Flat Black Primer.

    Just one light coat and inspect out of doors in bright sunlight to make sure all the areas are covered.

    And let dry overnight.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    The way I understand the fluff, the two legged walker is more a scout then bodyguard, something about they never stop moving, not sure if that means walking or just random twitching, and the four legged one is a main battle tank.
    Just a thought, alcoves in the legs where a couple of battle automata, either Forge World or your take on the subject, are locked in place ready to deploy on a seconds notice.
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    Thanks yes, nice to know.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Adeptus Mechanicus Update:

    Just to keep you apprised of my lack of progress in a physical sense at least. I have found why I have hit a wall design wise and I shall be making corrections this weekend. Most of my problem was two dimensional thinking.

    On the painting front I have cranked up the old airbrush because these Skitarii figures are too finely detailed for painting with a brush. Even the youtube tutorials with so-called pro-painters show heavy brushstrokes that are unacceptable to me.

    I began with the Dune Crawler which was not my fav anyway so I used it to practice on. It is not coming out to badly but I think the Airbrush can do better.

    I managed to find a Belisarius Cawl on ebay unencumbered by the other two models in the kit which I also have no interest in and spent Saturday evening assembling it. It is ans extremely delicate model full of threadlike plastic parts and I have my doubts of it's survivability on a game board

    Fortunately my Belisarius Will be a display companion piece for my Emperor Titan and reside in the completed interior Command center utterly safe from the vicissitudes of beer swilling 40K combatants.

    Yet perhaps not from Martini Swilling judgmental old farts.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Here's a question for all you painting buffs and I've yet to find it satisfactorily explained.

    In the video below the author begins at the 2:20 two minute 20 second mark to "Shade" the the model with 3 parts Vallejo brown ink and 1 part Vallejo Black ink Now I've got dozens of bottles of shades, washes, glazes and nuln oil (Also a Shade and what I am must use to using with adequate results...........)

    Now, Before I go and buy yet more of these vile little vials.............

    What I want to know is since the author is indiscriminately using the words "Shade," "Wash," "ink," interchangeably; what is he on about and what could be substituted for this so called "Ink" mix.

    I'm sure a lot of tyros such as myself would like a succinct explanation.

    Here's your chance to shine and have the Blackadder in your debt.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."

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    Quick answer:
    You need Agrax Earthshade + water (3:1).

    Little longer answer:
    GW products for washing are named shades, I guess this is the reason of useing "wash" and "shade" interchangeably
    Vallejo make inks but shades and inks are two diffrent things.

    Wash is diluted paint, it pours in all recess, and make them darker (obvious). Wash can by made from any normal paint, just add a lot of water and a little dishwashing liquid to improve flow. Or you can use some product specificaly made for washing, I reffered to Agrax, becouse citadel shades are very user friendly. Shades are good for washing but not for anything else contrary to inks. The pigment in inks settles more evenly, so control is better. Ink will be great for washing and for glazeing to.

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    Looking really cool. You have made some serious progress since I last checked in!
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    Thanks for the replies and thanks for the info on the inks vs shades and washes............. as you are new to the forum I appreciate you making your debut on my thread.

    Sub Floor Supports:

    Once again building these behemoths requires a bit of a nod to engineering. Many of the God Machines I've reviewed have ignored the support of the massive superstructure as if a paper thin floor is all that is required to support the crenelations, Gothic ramparts, turrets and spires. A few acknowledged the massive weigh of these edifices. It is those I have picked and chose the most interesting features to incorporate into my model

    These images show the construction of what I call 'flying corbels' a structure unnamed in architecture but a fitting counterpoint to the Medieval invention named 'flying buttresses' prominent in the cathedrals of the middle ages.

    Mine will be light airy structures that belie their intended purpose. the basic structure 0.040" skin over 0.50" inch square tubing. The end pieces and the 'U' shaped cutouts are skinned with 0.020" sheet styrene.

    Finally the edges of the skins are accented with 0.040 Sq strips for the 'U' Channel and 0.040 by 0.060 rectangular strips for the lower edge trim. shown inverted in the image below.

    Now we are ready for the pizzazz.
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    While attaching the new part disaster struck and the whole assembly toppled off of the display console five feet to the floor first falling on my work desk. The whole thing shattered into half a dozen pieces on the desk and floor and I feared for the worst

    But inspection revealed no damage done to any of the discrete pieces and the titan readily reassembled none the worse for the experience.

    So here's a closeup of the new piece in approximately the finished location. the legs may have to be shortened.

    This piece relies on the CoD Manufactorum railings for the detail so far. More yet to come and of course I need to make another one.
    "It is easier to deceive people than it is to convince them that they have been deceived."


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