Hi all,

I'm looking for a new past time. Locally we're considering Infinity or Malifaux for a new direction.

For Infinity, I have the Operation:Icestorm box, and I'm basically looking for a variety of PanO or Nomad models to get me to 300+ pts in a single purchase. I would also consider a full 300+ pts of Aleph if the selection appealed to me (not Steel Phalanx).

For Malifaux I know very little, but I'd be basing my first crew on either Ophelia or Perdita, simply based on liking the models.

I would be looking to buy with Paypal, but I've still got some 40K stuff sitting around - a couple LR Crusaders, some Pred/Baal/Razorback/Rhino's and a small Grey Knight force. I also have an Empire army box (the one with the LE Fire Mage) and a bunch of Skaven (infantry are the older multipose models).