I often team up with a friend of mine to beat up on a player who has beastmen in 6000 point games. The beastman player won't play below 3000 points in any game. So he knows how to maximize the power of units, but he doesn't know how to economize his army. He always relies on the lore of beasts, wyssan's wildform in particular, to jack up his bestigor unit to make it str 7 or better. He always runs a herdstone to get +4 casting dice with four shamans. He has also been playing legions of chaos, slightly wrong, by having a beastman standard bearer with banner of the beasts in a warriors of chaos horde (+1 str to the unit).

So we've been recently been playing the End Times rules, and he has made all his beastmen mark of nurgle.

I've got chaos dwarves, ogres, and VC. My friend has VC and Empire. We haven't played ogres and Empire against the beastmen player yet, but I have a few ideas. We're probably going to use 4D6 dice with the Khaine rules, which means we really only need two to three level four wizards against him.

I know I would have to run the lore of the great maw, and I have two ironblasters. It doesn't make sense for me to add another level four wizard, so the Empire guy could have two level 4s if need. Which wizards?

I am thinking Lore of Life, and Lore of the Great Maw would give the beastmen player a problem. If flesh stone and throne of vines can be casted, pretty easy with the new khaine rules, it would overload his wyssan's wildform. My Empire friend always likes to get off Speed of Light and Fa's protection. I think that combo is harder to get off than light by itself.

So I know to bring hell heart, and I am thinking of two gorgers to ambush the beastmen players shamans. May even use maneaters with scouts and stubborn to go after the shamans. Usually I like mournfangs.

Cannons can destroy walls, fences, and area terrain that I know of. A herdstone is considered impassable terrain for a beastman magic item, but can it be destroyed by a cannonshot?

If you have any other ideas, please let me know.