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    Default My blog of 10mm LOTR/WOTR, Middle Earth Warmaster, Battle Of 5 Armies


    Here is my humble blog wherein I describe my adventures into the world of 10mm Middle Earth/Fantasy.
    Lots of pics of painted goodness, lots of terrain, and I even sculpt my own figures occasionally...

    I plan to use a variety of miniatures from different companies and a variety of rulesets as well...
    From Copplestone, Pendraken, GW Warmaster, to Eureka miniatures.
    And from LOTR SBG, WOTR, BOFA, Warmaster, Mayhem, Lion Rampant, and more rules yet to be discovered.

    Why 10mm? I think think the terrain, and look of massed regiments are more epic. Alternatively, I want to also be able to sit down and reach across a table comfortably for a small game.

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    You are an epic painter *bows* love the blog.



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