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    Default help a daemons noob...whfb

    Hey there
    Complete daemon noob here! I've just started to build an army and just want some general help really.
    I know it's not considered competitive but I want to field a mix of all 4 Gods without relying on Nurgle too heavily.

    I have 2 battalions and a blood throne of khorne so that's 20 bloodletters , 20 plaguebearers , 6 nurgling swarms , 6 screamers and 10 the herald on throne.
    A couple of things I've noticed is it doesn't seem worth getting a bsb unless you go mono god and the generals presence is kinda in the same boat.

    Anyway is there any sort of semi-decent list to be made with the models I have?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Your assumptions that the BSB and General's Inspiring Presence really aren't worth worrying about in a 4-god list are correct, unless you have a 50% or greater split to one god you really don't need to bother with those.

    Bloodletters are over-priced but they still kill the crap out of cavalry, the trick is to run them in medium sized units - 20 is fine - as they are just too expensive with not enough return if you really go to town with them. 20 Plaguebearers are a proper anvil, even if they prefer to be in numbers of 25-30. The Nurgling Swarms, Screamers and Seekers are all decent tarpits/chaff. The Herald on the Throne is easy war machine bait but if he manages to get in combat he will cause havoc, no doubt.

    The list is a bit hodge-podge but that's fine as you have the basic tools to win games, your main issue mostly is the lack of a wizard. Have you decided if you want a Greater Daemon or not? In the mean-time, try to pick up a Herald of Nurgle to hide in your Plaguebearer unit and give you some light magic presence.
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    I was thinking of a daemon prince over a greater daemon tbh. I think its more of a cosmetic thing though as I'm not a huge fan of the current greater sculpts.
    Will definitely get a nurgle herald , I'm aiming for a plaguebearer anvil and a bloodletter hammer.
    Will prob just use the screamers and seekers as chaff. The nurglings will struggle too much in combat I think whilst giving up too many points.

    Thank you for your reply by the way



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