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    Default New Player Seeking Advice

    I'm a long time Warmachine player making the jump into WHFB for the first time. I've been curious about Tomb Kings for a while, and with the release of Nagash I decided I'd finally give it a try. I haven't bought a single thing yet, books or miniatures.

    With the understanding that I should just buy what strikes me as cool, can you folks suggest where I should start when building a Tomb Kings-focused Nagash list?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Nagash solidifies and unites Tomb Kings with Vampire Counts. With the new rumors of 9th edition scrapping the Tomb Kings army, you might want to wait to see what the new warhammer edition does. If Tomb Kings gets scrapped, the models will go up in price, so you are bit in a quandry. If you like the Tomb Kings, go ahead and get it. No one is totally sure what will happen with 9th edition, but the number of factions are getting squeezed. Bretonnians, beastmen, ogres, dwarves, and Tomb kings are some of the factions slated to be trimmed.

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    To be fair, those same rumours about 9th also say that those "scrapped" armies as well as the 8th Edition rule-set will remain; Games Workshop has repeatedly stated in the past year or so that no army is being removed, though combining them into larger unified forces seems to be their preference.

    With that out of the way, my advice on how to begin constructing a more Tomb King-oriented Undead Legion army would be to get the Battalion. It's the generic advice but it works, keeping in mind that you will likely use most of the Battalion even in a competitive match anyway. Skeleton Warriors with hand weapons and shields, Skeleton Archers bare, Skeleton Horse Archers and Skeleton Chariots are all decent or good Core choices for Undead Legions and you generally see all of them in some fashion in a pure Tomb King list. You generally want about 40 Skeleton Warriors (1 unit of 40), 32-40 Skeleton Archers (2 units of 16-20), 10 Skeleton Horse Archers (2 units of 5) and between 3 and 6 Chariots (1 unit) in larger games, but for starting out, the Battalion is really all you need.

    From there, you'll want characters, particularly mages - these are absolutely crucial for an Undead army. While Liche Priests (Tomb King Wizards) aren't as good as Necromancers (Vampire Count Wizards), there's nothing stopping you from using Liche Priest models with Necromancer rules, for example. You then want to get one or two hard-hitting units in the army as that isn't what your Core choices are good at (no Undead Core choice is hard-hitting, so don't worry). Tomb Guard (using Grave Guard rules) are the "theme" choice, but I find Khemrian Warsphinxes and Necropolis Knights are your best in that area for Tomb Kings specifically. I would look at then adding in a Screaming Skull Catapult or two as well as a Casket of Souls once your army starts to get pretty big, but always make sure to get more Core choices - 2 Battalion boxes will have you set on that front.

    While not "uber-competitive", the army composition those units give you are fairly typical of "good" Tomb King lists. If you aren't afraid to include a few Vampire Count or even unaligned choices, Terrorgheists, Morghasts, Crypt Horrors, Dire Wolves, Spirit Hosts and Zombies are all great units to field. If you want a really nasty leader for your army that doesn't take anyone's cr*p, a Vampire Lord is easily your best choice, though a more themed Tomb King alternative might be Arkhan the Black as a Mortarch or even the great Nagash himself! Just a word of warning though, the way Arkhan and Nagash work is that they are only really "good" if you have heaps and heaps of spare models - they can summon entirely new units onto a battlefield, giving you free reinforcements!
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