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    Default NEW Bloodthirster Roundup

    via Arthurius11 1-11-2015

    The main purpose of this khorne codex is to ride in the slipstream of End Times 5, which will be released earlier in march, with the "headline"-release of the new Bloodthirster (builds 3 variants).

    The bloodthirster apparently looks great with various head and weapon options. The Archaon book will bring some more khorne stuff with a new unit as well.

    I heard there could be an old special character possibly getting a new model, it's possible it could be a dual kit with the bloodthirster.

    ...And Skarbrand. Assume he would dual kit with blood thirster but not 100%
    Harry chimes in:
    Except this one was designed and sculpted by Jes Goodwin.

    via Captain Citadel 1-19-2015
    Plastic Bloodthirster Details
    The Plastic Bloodthirster is real.

    Kit makes three models a normal bloodthirster with whip and Axe of Khorne, one wielding a monstrous two-handed axe, third has a doubleheaded axe and super long chain flail. The wings are really big - the model is almost as big as Nagash, and is extra tall. It is sculpted on top of a flickering flame. There are three different heads with different types of horns and helmets. Large armoured hooves, thigh straps, regular upper body strapps and gladiator kindof armour. Super muscular, like a super ripped world's strongest man mixed with a Khorne daemon.
    via L'Astropate 2-8-2015

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	warhammer_end_times_archaon1 (1).jpg 
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    End Times Archaon

    Rear right is seen with two-handed weapon a truly monstrous new blood demon.
    In the foreground more Khorne new models are to be seen, models similar to the size of the Blightkings. Both the models left and right of Archaon and the model at the bottom of the left corner seem to be new models.
    Also interesting is the model of Archaon, therefore, it should probably not be a new model for the gentlemen of Latter-day.
    End of February, the beginning of March to the end Times start in their final chapter.
    via DakkaDakka 2-9-2015

    via Faeit 212 2-22-2015

    These are the pre-orders for February 28th- release date for March 7th

    This Coming Week's Releases
    These leaks should be coming over the starting of this next week, but these are extremely solid and reveals what is coming next week with hints of the following week.

    Khorne Bloodthirster USA $116, £70, €91, Can$139, AU $155
    1 miniature

    Warhammer Visions 14
    Khorne Red Spray USA $18, £11, €15, Can$22, AU $28

    Eagle Talon/ Iron Corpses USA $20, £15, €20, Can$22.50, AU $30
    Audio Drama

    Next week's hints
    More Blood
    More Skulls
    Behold the Lord of the End Times

    the title of the new White Dwarf is
    Blood for the Blood God!
    Khorne's Wrath
    The New Bloodthirster Seeks to Slaughter All

    Inside the are the rules for all three new Bloodthirsters. Some rules in common.
    Each can be taken in a Daemons of Chaos, Legions of Chaos or Grand Legion of the Everchosen Army.
    Is a Lords Choice, and all come with heavy armour an can take Daemonic Gifts.
    M8 WS BS 10 ST6 W5 I9 A6 Ld9

    Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster
    Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Devastating Charge, Fly, Frenzy, Large Target, Magic Resistance3, Stubborn, Terror
    Has a S5 breath weapon with flaming attacks rule
    Has hatred characters, and gains 3" to its charge range if charging a unit with characters.

    Wrathaxe and Bloodflail: +2 strength the first round of combat, and gain an extra attack

    Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury
    Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Fly, Large Target, Magic Resistance2, Terror
    Axe and Whip

    Bloodthirster of Insenate Rage
    Daemon of Khorne, Daemonic, Fly, Frenzy, Heroic Killing Blow, Large Target, Magic Resistance 2, Terror.
    Great Weapon
    via Captain Citadel 2-24-2015
    Plastic Bloodthirster Pics
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1OZRYKl.jpg 
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Name:	2OuducA.jpg 
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Name:	2VSpHHv.jpg 
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Name:	cmlHzsJ.jpg 
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Name:	CUA2d7F.jpg 
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Name:	pZwUGj2.jpg 
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Name:	q3NRvv4.jpg 
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    via dakkadakka's Azreal13 2-24-2015
    WD57 cover (starring plastic Bloodthirster)
    Attachment 12916
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    Bloodthirster Roundup Continued

    via El Taller de Yila 2-26-2015

    via Captain Citadel 4-5-2015

    My mate got his Blood thirster early, and looks to be a round base and bespoke rules for 40k in the build papers.

    Perhaps a 40k Chaos release is forthcoming?

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	rules-472x338.jpg 
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    Original Post
    Arbaal The Undefeated perhaps?
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    Twelve monkeys, eleven hats. One monkey is sad.

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    Would Angron (primarch of the World Eaters) be the size of a Bloodthirster?

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    Everybody be forgetting about DOOMBREED?

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    Skarbrand is basically a given. So Skarbrand, standard 'Thirster, and some End Times guy?

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    Except this one was designed and sculpted by Jes Goodwin.
    Oh yes please.

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    I'm certainly excited, but good luck topping the FW model!

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    Exciting news! The bloodthirsters could use an update in their appearence!


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