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    going through the old 2001-2004 annuals, have found some army lists for alt armies, eg Kroot mercenary, feral orks, and cursed marines.

    Comparing the old with the current codexes, the Kroot cost 8, instead of 6, and have +1S, +1Ld, while hounds cost 6 instead of 5, and have +1S, -1I, +2Ld.

    Would these lists still be balanced compared to present sutff?

    (for comparision, the battle sister from the annuals is costed 10, instead of 12, and is -1BS, and Celestian Sisters are costed 12 instead of 14, and are -1WS)

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    Not really. The older stuff was more expensive, in general, and often either didn't have rules and options available now, or you had to pay for each little bit.

    That having been said, some may prefer to face those armies than what's available today.
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