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Thread: Dreadnought mod

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    Just when you think you've seen everything crazy cool that people could do with this hobby you see something like this...

    to quote person person "epic win"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squirrel_Fish View Post
    I hope to the Emperor that the exhaust fans are positioned in the smoke-stacks. Because that would be awesome.
    You´ve got pics of where the fans are in page 2 of the link I gave you on the 1st message of the thread hehehehe

    The DVD units will go in a base that will support the dread as if it was a miniature

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    Hi to all,

    At first thanks to MarneusCalgar for showing my "creature" beyond the Spanish borders.

    I find this forum searching more photos about dreadnoughts for make more detailed my Dread and i have registered to thank you for your compliments.

    i don't have a really good english but if you want i can put here all the news about this WIP.

    This is my progress from January until now.

    17 January 2010

    11 April 2010

    At the day of today i don't know which is the perfect chapter to paint it, and i'm asking in all the forums what color you paint it and why. If you want to help me you can do it replying the questions What? and Why?

    You can see more pictures in the WIP of the first post.

    Thanks for all and have a nice day!
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    Go Dark Angels Venerable, whats not to like about a Deathwing Dread!
    The Dark Angels, The Emperor's First, and Finest!
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    how about iron hands? I think thire into thiere dreadnoughts AND painting would be just a black spray (<- slacker) or a dark grey spray, mask, thin black spray

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    Black Templars for zealous rage, Crimson Fists 'cause they're tough and fist-y like Imp Fists, hell any Rogal Dorn chapter is tough and killy!
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    hi all,

    at this weekend i make the details of the front and a general little things.

    i think i will finish the model for the next weekend (without paint) and then i only need to put intho the dreadnought the "cogitator" hehe my computer.

    Thanks for all and i hope you enjoy.

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    that is amazing, I would go Iron Hands or Salamanders. Be different then Ultramarines, blood angels or space wolves.
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    Go Salamanders we need more love than those ultramarines, B.A. and S.W.

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    I'm thinking to paint it about the chapter of the Imperial Fist, yellow is very striking and i love yellow hehe.

    I really undecided about the paint but i need to decide ASAP


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