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Thread: Dreadnought mod

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    Wait, you're going to put your computer inside the Dreadnought?!?!

    Like the studs too.
    "STUPIDITY, If your going to do it, go for GOLD!"

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    Hi to all,

    Sorry for my delay, i come with some news

    general view.

    with this photo all know what color i want to use to paint my dread hehe

    its for the back USB ports.

    Here with more detail.


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    I put here more ventilation for the Hard disks ( The HDīs go into the ammo box)

    Here is the smoke launchers but it don't like very much, what do you think about this?

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    This is the front USB ports.

    This is for the Banner

    This is all for today.

    I hope you liked it.

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    It needs a name, I need to address it by name. I can't comment it until it has one. An evocative one, like Tankred (BT dreadnought from the comic).

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinchillo View Post
    Hi to all,

    At first thanks to MarneusCalgar for showing my "creature" beyond the Spanish borders.

    I find this forum searching more photos about dreadnoughts for make more detailed my Dread and i have registered to thank you for your compliments.

    Thanks for all and have a nice day!
    Muchas de nadas, colega!! Tú sigue así, que el dread es ALUCINANTE

    Sorry everyone else for my spanish but I needed to tell him in our language hehehe

    Iīm waiting to see how you make the banner for the Dreadīs back.

    I continue following you!!
    Lord Macragge and wielder of the Ultramarīs Gauntlets

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    id miss out the smoke launchers!

    they dont look good even on the FW dreds :P
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    Madness, yes it need a name but at day of today I don't know what to call it.

    Some Previews, at this night (in Spain hehe) More!

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    Well, itīs taking a good colour!!

    Pinchillo, Iīll be looking tonight!!
    Lord Macragge and wielder of the Ultramarīs Gauntlets

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    Hi to all,

    I don't Know how i can't post before days because all my post need the confirmation of an administrator, but i want to tray again to post the photos.

    I make a gallery with the dreadnought painted, but not finished, it need more details in the paintjob.

    It come late but with good material.

    There is the gallery:

    Thaks for all and i hope you enjoy.


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