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    Default Undefeatd 2500 point Marine army

    So this is an army ive used lots now and ive never lost with it orks, guard, necrons, chaos etc... have all bowed down to me. Anyway on with the list

    Librarian, terminator armour and storm shield -140
    Librarian, terminator armour and storm bolter -130

    10 man tactical, missile launcher -170
    10 man tactical, missile launcher -170
    10 man tactical, missile launcher -170
    8 man tactical, missile launcher -138

    10 Terminators, assault cannon - 430
    10 Assault terminators, TH/SS - 400
    10 Assault terminators, TH/SS - 400

    Heavy Support
    Vindicator- 115
    Vindicator- 115
    Vindicator- 115


    So there it is, this is obviously a very terminator heavy army. Stormshield librarian joins one of the assault terminator squads while the other one joins the shooty terminators, psychic powers I choose depending on the enemy, but usually one of them will be might of the ancients. Basically tactical squads used for camping near the back for first couple of turns, while the vindicators advance in a line together blowing holes in the enemy, when the terminators arrive you want them to suck up most of the power, because lets face it your not guna take that many casualties, when theyve arrived two or three of the tactical squads will advance then towards the objectives nearer the enemy lines and the other one/two will capture any objectives in your end of the board. Trying to position the vindicators to protect the tactical squad as much as possible keep them hammering away at the main threats. In the mean time you will be slaughtering most things with your 30 termis (or most likely been cut down to between 22-26 depending on the enemy your facing).

    So in short
    1. camp the tacticals and pop off a couple off missiles at enemy tanks, advance the vindicators
    2. wait for at least 1 terminator squad to arrive then by turn 3 latest you want to be starting to move 2/3 squads towards objectives in enemy lines
    3. get into combat with as many enemy units as possible with the termis and shhot the others down wih the vindicators
    4. just continue moving and running the tactical squads to objectives and slaughtering the enemy with strength 10 large blasts and strength 8 close combat weapons.

    Like i said ive never lost with this list

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    Well, maybe the reason you never lost is because it's an illegal list? Your 8 man squad can't have a Missile Launcher...

    Yeah THSS Termies are nice, but you don't have much in the way of maneuverability and without Lightning Claws you've got no way of minimizing the attacks you'll take before I1.

    But that said, yeah it looks nasty, but I'd love to play this with my Orks. Deploy the whole army 31" away from the Vinides, turbo boost the Nob Bikers up towards them in my first turn, shoot them with the Lootas, and the take them all out on turn 2 with said Bikers or multiple glances form the Lootas. Wait for the Termies to come in and them swamp them with 120 Boyz. Bikers mop up the tactical squads. Done.

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    Hey foostoofoo, it's not a bad list and you've made a great decision with Assault Terminators. It also sounds like you are pretty skilled with the list. I'm assuming you are posting the army list in the forum for some advice on tuning it and I do (gasp) have a few comments:

    1. You don't get to pick your psychic powers after you find out who you will be fighting. You need to build the list as an all-comers list and choose your psychic powers in advance.

    2. You are going to have some leadership problems, so I'd look for an alternative to the second Librarian (since he's just sitting in the backfield). Look for a character that will give the army Stubborn or Fearless -- Lysander is a great choice. Grab the points from the 4th Tactical Marine squad (you don't really need 4 of them).

    3. I'd recommend replacing that 4th Tactical Marines squad with a squad of Sniper Scouts. They'll help you deal with high Toughness armies. A teleport homer would be beneficial and would work great with scouts -- that would give you more flexibility on how you use the army.

    4. I find Vindicators to be a little fragile, but it's nice to have the low AP shots.

    Here's what I would worry about facing:

    A. A regional-level Imperial Guard army will be a challenge. You don't have an answer to Psyker Battle Squads (24" Psychic Hoods just isn't enough for a mechanized PBS). Medusas and Demolishers will tear up your Terminators and just about everything will crack your Vindicators (even lowly Hydras). You don't have the long-range shots to deal with plasma or melta laden Valkyries.

    B. A multi-Land Raider army will hurt you. A list with three or four landraiders will be very hard for you to deal with. They have the range to take out your Vindicators early in the game. Which means you are going to have to chase them with Thunderhammers (or hope for some EXTREMELY lucky Assault Cannon shots).

    C. Drop Pods are also going to be a problem.

    D. Massed Plasma (and Mystics will make it worse -- e.g., DH Gunline) will be a hassle.

    There's nothing wrong with the list and it clearly works for you, but don't expect the second and third rounds of the Ard Boyz to be a cake walk.

    Take a look at my Space Wolves Ard Boyz list and think about how you would deal with that army. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Good luck and let us know how it performs in round 2 (I'm assuming this is an 'Ard Boyz list).

    -- MKerr
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    Never having lost with an army is indicative of not playing it enough, not the toughness of the army or the skill of the player. I suggest a broader range of opponents and possibly some with better skill in playing the game.

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    Seriously, not to be a git, but my 1850 guard list would beat this, without the extra 650pts.
    Executioners against those termie squads in the open = dead termies in two turns. Remember that you may have a 3+ invuln, but roll enough of em you WILL fail (ask any tactical marine on the receiving end of a tau fire warrior squad).

    Mount the termies. drop the tactical termie squad and drop one of the assault termies down to 5. that'll net you 600pts approx.
    Drop down two LRC's (yes, in preference to the vindis), combat squad the 10 man tac termie assault squad into the LRC's with the librarians. DS the other 5 man group for later grabs/support.
    this leaves you with an elite, which might be served with sternguard if you can shave the points elsewhere.
    If you want to be unbeatable, run the points out for Vulkan.
    3x vindi? the range is going to bite you in the long run. dump some or all (and the short tactical) in favor of rhinos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwolf View Post
    Never having lost with an army is indicative of not playing it enough, not the toughness of the army or the skill of the player. I suggest a broader range of opponents and possibly some with better skill in playing the game.

    Honestly, it doesn't look very good. The Vindicators are your only armor and easy enough to pop on their own, walking terminators were never a good idea, and all that Tac spam doesn't help anything.



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