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    Default Kroot Mercenaries Rumor Roundup

    via Voices in the Trees 2-27-2015

    - New Kroot miniatures have been physically sighted in various stages of the development process

    - Multiple new kits are coming in what looks like a "full army" (aka Harlequin sized) release.

    - Many of the units from the old Kroot mercenaries list will reappear.

    - The army will receive at least one large centerpiece kit that hails from the Kroot homeworld of Pech

    - This new army is believed to be scheduled well past 9th Edition, so look for it at the very end of this year, or shortly thereafter.
    These rumors are rated above average coming from known sources.
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    that would be cool, I liked the old kroot mercenary army
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    I hope this one is true, it's yet another army that a LOT of people seem to want and it makes sense. Would be the perfect time to update kroot hounds and krootox too. I think it's a reasonable to assume they'd probably get a clampack shaper too.
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    Dear GW

    My wallet is only just surviving the Harlequin release. If you do plastic Heresy, plus FW doing my legion this year then drop this....its like you're trying to bankrupt me

    Please Stop

    Love Mr C Love

    P.s - don't stop really. Just upgrade the webstore to accept payment via donated Kidneys
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    Anyone notice the trend here? All of a sudden GW seems to be cranking out "niche" armies that everyone always liked... almost as if they are trying to cater to their customers to boost sagging #s... lol

    That said... I'm IN. With the caveat that they BETTER do the Genestealer Cult first... and maybe Feral Orks please? (come on.. a plastic Squiggoth!!)

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    Maybe once they've done all these niche armies everyones been asking for for years they will do some non-humanoid xenos for me lol
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    Ah man not a Tau suppplement.

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    I'm sure Kroot will be able to ally with more than Tau, just like Harlequins can ally with more than Eldar and Dark Eldar.

    I'm getting a bit skeptical though. Admech, Genecult, Deathwatch, and Kroot Mercs, all supposedly getting new lines of minis? There's only so much shelf space in stores, GW.

    I'm waiting for Admech to come out, then I'll maybe put a little more faith into the rest...

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    How reliable is this “Voices in the Trees” source? I played Kroot Mercs waaaaay back when they were a Chapter Approved army, I’d start them up again in a heartbeat! This rumor COULD have some legitimacy, what with Forgeworld discontinuing the Kroot stuff like the greater Knarloc. Plus, GW’s been teasing that new Kroot Shaper model since before 5th edition..... Click image for larger version. 

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