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Night Lords VS Mechanicum - Ultimate Dave vs Perz: Dominion

Battle Report Detail

  • And They Shall Know No Fear - (Betrayal)
  • 1,000 points
  • 2 turns


Perz and I played a Horus Heresy game again.We decided to go with a "standard" mission, for simplicity's sake, but still played a City Fight type of board.We played Mission 5: Dominion, from Horus Heresy Book I: Betrayal.


Perz and I continue our adventures in Horus Heresy gaming: my Adeptus Mechanicus against his Night Lords again. Perz brought an...odd list to this game, still looking for success against my cybernetic Monstrous Creatures.

Note that Perz is using a mixture of 40K CSM models to represent his Night Lords.

Deployment and Terrain

We rolled up "Ambush!" deployment, which has one force in a circle at the center of the map, with the other force coming in from 2 sides. Kind of an odd mission, but it was cool to do something different. I took the center, "Defender" position, and Perz took the "Attacker."

Deployment and Terrain Image

Deployment and Terrain Image

Turn 1 (Night Lords)

Perz stole initiative from me, and chose to go first. He moved His Terror Squad out of cover, and took one wound off the Castellax (behind the center building) shooting at it.

He fired 9 missiles as the Thanatar, from the squad in the Manufactorum, and took one wound off of it, too.

Perz moved his Contemptor out of cover, too, and shot ineffectually at my Krios Venator.

I can't remember what his Recon Squad fired at...

He then attempted to Assault the Castellax, but 2 Terror Squad marines died to Overwatch, and he failed his charge my 1 inch.

Perz also Assaulted the Krios with his Contemptor, but he need 12 inches, and only rolled 11.

Night Lords turn one, after movement and shooting. - Turn 1 (Night Lords)
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Turn 1 (Mechanicum)

In my 1st turn, I shuffled my Triaros Armoured Conveyor and my Krios Venator a bit, to try and get a bead on the Contemptor and the Recon Squad.

I jetted my Thallax over a bit, to get a shot on the Contemptor, too.

I turned my Thanatar, knowing Perz's Terror Squad was a sitting duck out in the open.

I moved my Castellax into some ruins to grab an objective, and get a better shot on the Heavy Support Squad.

My Krios shoots its insane gun at the Contemptor, but only manages to take off 1 hull point.

My Triaros shoots at the Recon Squad up avove, killing only 1, but my Tech-Thralls (camping an objective in the center building) kill 2 more with their Las-Locks.

My Thallax whiff on his Contemptor, and manage to take 2 wounds when the Jet-Pack into some terrain.

The Thanatar fires his Hellex Plasma Mortar at the Terror Squad, managing to kill all but 2 (Perz's Warlord trait gives them Fearless, so the stay where they are).

I declare no charges this turn.

All in all, a pretty good turn for me, not so great for Perz.

After a round of Mechanicum shooting. - Turn 1 (Mechanicum)
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Turn 2 (Night Lords)

In this turn, Perz moves his Contemptor up a bit more, hoping for a better charge range.

He also moves the remains of his Terror Squad in toward my Tech Thralls.

The Contemptor fires its Kheres Assault Cannon at the Krios Venator, but is ineffectual again.

I think he kills one or two Tech Thralls in shooting, but I'm not sure.

Perz Assaults the Krios with his Contemptor, and, much to my dismay, blows it up with a Penetrating Hit! I only got to shoot it once! The ensuing explosion kills 4 Tech Thralls.

Perz then Assaults the Tech Thralls with his Terror Squad, but loses 1 to Overwatch and fails the needed distance.

[img]****mNhZm E0YzRlMGYxYTAyOTQ0MThlNTY2MC5qcGciLCJ3Ijo4MDAsImgi OjYwMCwibSI6ImNyb3BSZXNpemUifQ==.jpg[/img]
Noooooo!Not my shiny! - Turn 2 (Night Lords)
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Turn 2 (Mechanicum)

In this turn, the first thing I do I Ram the Contemptor with my Triaros Armoured Conveyor. This thing is BUILT for ramming! I get one Penetrating hit on the Ram, immobilizing the Contemptor, but my bonus Haywire roll gets me another Glancing Hit, and it is Wrecked!

I also roll up "Rite of Destruction" on my Thanatar, which allows it to fire its shooting weapons twice in one turn.

The loss of the Contemptor and the thought of 2 Hellex Plasma Mortar shots on his Heavy Support Squad demoralizes Perz too much, and we call the game here.

Praise the Omnissiah! Deus Est Machina!

Thanatar Siege Automata! - Man of the Match

My Thanatar was pretty devastating this game! His Hellex Plasma Mortar wiped nearly an entire Terror Squad in one turn, and was about to fire it twice at a Heavy Support Squad before we called it.

Failed Terror Squad Charge - BFU (Biggest F*** Up)

Failing the charge with the Terror Squad left them completely exposed to my Thanatar's mortar. Had they made it, I couldn't have targeted them with it.

Final Summary

This was a tough match for Perz, we only made it into turn 2! Horus Heresy games are challenging for Astartes as this points level, particularly since AdMech have access to some really cheap compulsory troops that let me squeeze the Thanatar into such a small game.

The original report including all the images, user comments and stats can be found here