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    I created a set of buildings using card board (.100" or 3mm) and a laser cutter. I call it the Outpost.

    All the buildings are collapsible and fit nicely into a plastic box (12"x16"x4") I had in my gaming closet !
    Now a can bring a table to the FLGS without carrying a large box.

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    That's absolutely beautiful. Do you happen to have the dimensions for them lying around? I'm planning to get into Infinity and lack the required amount of terrain outside of the Operation: Icestorm box.
    Failing that if you've got an etsy or something I know my group would buy one for sure, if it's durable enough to make the trip to Frozen Wasteland, Quebec

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    So when, where, how can I buy mine from you?

    Me want

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    I have a tournament this Saturday. Decided to do a little experiment.
    Can I fit enough stuff for one table into a Bankers Box without collapsing everything?

    Need to fit the below for 1 level coverage with five 2 level high points :
    - 11 4x4 cubes + 2 ladders each
    - 12 Roofs
    - 01 4x4 2nd level cube + 2 long ladders
    - 01 Staircase
    - 04 2,5x2,5 crows nest with 4 stands + 4 ladders
    - 08 Long barricades 6"
    - 04 Short barricades 2,5"
    - 04 Low barricades 5"
    - 02 Bridges 8"
    - 04 Connecting Passages 3"

    The items :

    SUCCESS !!

    My lists are ready and my bag is done! I've packed 8 containers and a set of trees in the army bag thanks to the low model count of Infinity.

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    Set up I made for a tournament last weekend. Using contents of the box + containers & trees. Worked out well. Everybody like the playability.
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    wow, very impressive terrain
    Twelve monkeys, eleven hats. One monkey is sad.

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    Airbrush painting under way :
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