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    Default A Noob's Decision

    Hey everyone,

    I am trying to decide which army i want to play with.
    I've toyed with grey knights (as in assembled/painted the models), and i don't really like the models.
    however, i am really interested i the Tau, and the Space Wolves really excite me.
    Which should i pick?

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. i am a complete. beginner, as implied in the title.

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    Pick which one you like the most

    There are several ways to make a decision.

    1) What is the latest army (and buy that)

    2) Which army do you like the models the most of

    3) Which army do you like the back story of best

    Any choice is good
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    Thank you very much, Wolfshade, but i like the grey knights. After actually taking a look at the models, i figured i actually like the grey knights. i reasoned that, if i lavished so much Nuln Oil, (that's a Citadel Wash), i actually ;like the grey knights. and besides GREYKNIGHTS ARE AWESOME!!!! They are so pure, they can stare a Bloodthirster (a greater Daemon of Khorne) in the face and not go crazy!
    thanks for your time( and response),

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    You could always collect GKs and some other armies
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    After some thinking, i think i will try to build up the grey knights army at the outset, and build the tau as a 2nd army.
    What Do you think of the following:
    1 Librarian
    2 Strike squads (5 men each)
    Justicar has falchions, others have swords
    Incinerator (Each squad)
    1 razorback
    1 dreadnough tw/ assault cannon &missile launcher.
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    Sounds like a good plan. When I got rolling in the hobby I did a 1 human to 1 xenos ratio as I collected the various races.

    Are you looking for fluffy basement gaming fun type lists or hoping to mine the points to performance ratio meta?
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    Thanks 40kGamer,
    Good idea with that one-xenos-to-one-human ratio.
    However, I'm really not sure about that second question, but one day, i want to play in a tournament w/ my GKs. On the other hand, i really enjoy the fluff too.
    But then again, i think the points-to performance ratio meta sounds cool. What exactly does that mean?
    Thanks on advance,

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    I forgot to give a proper 'Welcome to the Party' mate!

    Ours in a very diverse hobby. There are ultra competitive tourney folk, total fluff bunnies and some of us who try to find a happy path between. My favorite way to play is fluffy games with friends where we use most anything out of the codex not because it 'plays goods' but because we think it's cool, looks good or has a neat back story. I find this type of play satisfying and it works well with a smaller group where everyone is looking for the same type of game play experience.

    On the flip side I do enjoy going to tournaments to meet new people and to see the wildly converted and beautifully painted armies. However tournament play is a very different environment from one's close group play and it also varies a lot by the event and the organizer. Often abbreviated as TO for tournament organizer, this is the person laying the rules and creating the atmosphere for their event. The best way to think of the TO is as the judge, jury and executioner.

    Since people attending events are putting extra effort into winning you need to rethink your army. Things that work great in fluffy fun games can be a serious handicap at an event. For example I love to play Eldar as the army is all about specialization and movement. I also like playing with all the different aspect warriors... at least for fun. However taking Howling Banshees to an event is a terrible idea in the current rules as the points would be better invested in Jetbikes, Fire Dragons or honestly just about anything else.

    With points to performance I'm referring to the fact that some things are a naturally better value and therefore more useful at an event where most everyone is mining their own codex for the best value units. I still don't play to the extreme where I only use what people perceive as the best value units (I've never fielded an Eldar army without taking a unit of Swooping Hawks simply because I love them). But I do make serious changes to my event army lists from my fluffy fun lists. So IMO we have to learn to adapt our play to match the environment we are playing in while still having fun. If something isn't fun on some level, it isn't worth doing.
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    I wish to play mostly at my local gaming store, with my GKs, and win most of the time. Not ALL the time, but most of the time. What are the most balanced TROOPS choices for GKs?
    Thanks in advance,

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    That's a tough question Spark as GK troop choices are very expensive. Which unfortunately means that while they are better than normal Marines you can't take as many and each one that goes down takes more points with it. Terminators are slightly harder to kill, but also cost more as well.

    Since you already have two squads of justicars and a Rhino chassis I would start there for troops. Fill out both squads to 10 and put both squads in Rhinos. The rhino is cheap gives mobility and protection to your valuable squads.

    Dreadknights seem to be very good and versatile so a couple of those are probably a good idea. Psycannons and Incinerators.

    Librarian is a solid HQ, ML3 and give him a terminator bodyguard.

    You might also think about allying in some other forces for heavy support, AA and cheap troops.

    Oh and a cheeky little trick, if you combat squad your troops they count as two squads for all game purposes. So a 10 marine squad in a Rhino counts as 1 psychic dice, the same squad in the same rhino counts as two squads and generates two psychic dice if combat squaded.
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