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    Take a look at the 'Nemesis Strike Force' Formation and see what you can fit in there... one nice trick would be to turn your Strike Squad into Interceptors (they're the same kit anyway), start them on an Aegis line or Bastion with comms relay to better-guarantee your stuff arrives turn 1 from deepstrike... then shunt them up to join the party!

    Terminators are way better than Strikes as troops... unfortunately when the psicannon got made salvo, Strikes lost a lot of utility.

    Don't forget you have Draigo... he's out of control.

    Paladins aren't worth it in my opinion anymore, especially because the Dreadknight is so much cheaper, can DS turn 1 as part of the special formation, and Terminators got so cheap. I'd take as many of these as you can. If you don't like the way they look (which is sorta the camp i'm in...) that stinks... perhaps opt for some Inquisition allies or something to scout-up the field (liber heresius) and join the turn 1 strike?

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    Thanks to all who responded!
    I purchased my librarian!
    next on the list is a razorback with lascannons, dozer blade,an a storm bolter.
    What do you think?

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    Build it with magnets so you can have a razorback or rhino and then also swap the weapons out
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    Sorry, Its been FOREVER!!!!
    But i have purchased my razorback!!!
    I have left the turret, and the top doors, unglued following WolfShade's advice.
    Next on the list is a dreadnought.
    what should i equip my dreadnought with?


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