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    Default A newbie's decision

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    I am brand new to wargaming in general & i have decided on WH40k.
    I have painted a squad of Grey Knights, and they interest me very much.
    Unfortunately,after my first squad, i am having a bit of trouble deciding my next move, Should it be an HQ choice, a transport like a razorback, or another squad?
    Thanks in advance,
    P.S. I have a strike squad, not a terminator squad.

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    Codex and basic rules are there I assume? Just so that you can actually play...
    Model wise, an HQ and another Troops choice would be the logical, although not strictly required anymore, choices. Maybe go for a Librarian as an HQ (versatile and no total slouch in combat) and a Terminator squad just to have a bit of variety (and they can later double as Paladins as well should you so desire)?
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    I second that you should be looking at another unit of troops and an HQ. If you are newer to painting as well, I would do more troops first rather than the HQ. It is a good way to build confidence in your skills.

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    what you need to get next depends largely on where, and with whom, you play WH40K. If you're starting a new WH40K group, then get anything you're interested in, AFTER you get the rules and the codex. If you are joining an established group, find out if they play Kill Team or Combat Patrol. Those two games are "smaller" versions of WH40K and you can get into the game with only a bit more in terms of models. If they don't play Kill Team or Combat Patrol, and only play 500+ point games, you'll need an HQ unit and another Troops unit. AND the codex and rules.

    When I started playing WH40K years and years (literally decadeS) ago, before I could really play a GAME of WH40K, I had to buy enough models so that my friends could borrow an army to play a battle. And then, if I wanted to have a battle against something other than more Marines, I had to buy orks. Dunno if you're in the same boat or not, but if you are, buy Chaos, since those are the Grey Knights natural enemies and you'll get a bonus against them.

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    Sorry, its been FOREVER since i was LAST on this forum but i have responses for you. I have the HQ (a librarian), and i have the codex AND the rules, FYI.
    Thanks for the idea, Hendrik, i will most certainly be buying some Daemons as my next purchase.

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    Great. I hope it works out. I managed to get about 15 people playing WH40K this summer (college students that I work with) and we created a campaign, house rules, and are working on a student organization so we can have tournaments at the school. None of which would have been possible if I hadn't had enough models of five different armies to create a passable Combat Patrol army for each one.

    Sometimes it's not all about you, sometimes it's about the person you want to play against.

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    750/800 pts gives a good small game on a 4x4 - but you need to limit uber characters, ebay is a good place to buy really cheap stuff that you can proxy before you commit to purchase and paint.

    just in case [proxy - means use as something else ; eg loads of cheap dark eldar as truedar ! - or nids as demons etc]



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