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    Default 1850 Knights/Ultramarines

    Thinking I want to build a Knights list. Bought a knight last week...entirely motivated by the Knight stuff in Vengeful Spirit...

    I'm thinking:


    Errant (warlord)

    Marines (Ultramarines chapter tactics)

    Captain w/power weapon, plasma pistol, meltabomb

    2 x 9 man tac squad w/flamer

    9 man assault squad w/sgt plasma pistol, 2 flamers
    drop pod

    5 man devastator squad w/2 heavy bolters, 2 flakk missiles

    1849 points total

    My only concern is objective taking...should I drop a couple of the assault marines and make the tac squads full strength so I can combat squad them? Should I drop the devastators all together in favor of a tank of some kind? Or should I consider allying AM instead for anti-air? Lot of choices to be made...

    Comments? Questions? Criticisms?

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    Assault marines are pretty horrible, just drop them.

    Here's the thing, if you're taking 3 Knights, you're going to run the Adamantine Lance Formation... and most people that you'll see playing it primarily will be allying some ridiculous force like the Tau Firebase formation (broadsides, riptides... something like this) so whatever you choose has to be able to compete with that.

    If you want to build a support force that takes objectives, just take pods and pods of combat squadded marines. Play the attrition game.

    If you want to blast your opponent off of objectives, Tigurius + Grav Cents can be prety nasty... and then just spend your points on some Scouts in LSS and a Coteaz ally maybe?

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    One question.

    How committed are you to Ultramarines?

    For what you seem to want the Marines to do, Blood Angels do better. Flamer and Heavy flamer in tactical squads.

    I'd think 3 squads of 10 Blood Angels, either quad melta assault in drop pod (2 melta guns + gunslinging melta pistol sgt) or Heavy flamer & flamer tac squads either on foot or in a drop pod, then switch the Devs out for an AA equipped storm Raven. Don't have my book to hand, but if you need to cut points there is always a cheaper HQ or cutting down one of the squads.



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